Unboxing – The Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Press Kit

PLEASE NOTE:  These are not available to the general public, and probably never will be.  This is just a peek at materials distributed to the press.

Greetings Sons of Anarchy fans.  The season 5 press kit arrived to folks in the Entertainment press/blogosphere this week.  As I hurriedly tore it open to see what was inside calmly opened my copy I thought, this thing is so awesome I have to share it with the Sons of Anarchy fans out there.  In the interest of remaining spoiler free I can’t show you what lay beyond the covers in great detail, suffice to say the kit provides some background on the new season that would reassure any Sons of Anarchy fan that season 5 is going to be one of the best yet; and if you needed reassurance, get the f*ck out–you’re now excommunicated.

The kit naturally contains screeners of a few episodes, I haven’t watched them yet so I have no clue what happens so don’t bother to ask/bribe me to tell you.  The premiere of Sons of Anarchy is right around the corner, 9/11 in fact, and when we get about a week out I’ll lay out my detailed thoughts on what Kurt Sutter and company have cooked up for us.  Fair Warning: expect a gushing review full of conviction and true love for anything SOA – I’m a hopeless fanboy  (my wife still won’t let me carve a reaper into our kitchen table though.)

The kit contains a glossy booklet printed on heavy stock paper.  The booklet contains images from the season, gallery photos of the cast, and the real pearl of the kit:  descriptions of each of the characters INCLUDING new ones.  I hold a certain baseline of excitement for anything Sons of Anarchy,  but after learning a bit about the new characters that baseline has been elevated a few notches.

Mash the arrows to get a glimpse at the kit.

Don’t forget to stop in to our Sons of Anarchy Season 5 forum.  Cool custom SOA avatars, user ranks, and constests in the works.


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