Undercovers 1.01 “Pilot” Recap

Tonight’s the night! The world was finally introduced to Undercovers, the Blooms and their world of catering, jet setting and “sexpionage.” So did J.J. deliver?

Paris, France

A man awakes to men storming into his swank Parisan hotel room. As the guy hauls ass and runs across rooftops, he makes a call to someone, asking them to call off their men. The guy dumps a plastic Red Robot key chain in a smoke stack on the roof, before he is captured.

San Francisco, California

Meet Steven and Samantha Bloom (Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbathu-Raw). Their catering business is in the red, they have a huge wedding to cater for, and their marriage is less than fresh. Enter Carlton Shaw (Gerald McRaney), who has a proposition for them.

Turns out that the Blooms are actually retired spies for the CIA, who have been out of the spy game for five years. One of the agreements that Steve and Sam made to each other was to never discuss each other’s past assignments, which was a reason the two left the service in the first place. Shaw informs them that Leo Nash, the guy in Paris and field agent/former partner of Samantha’s, has went missing and that the CIA needs the Blooms to help find him. Leo was working on Operation Black Swan, which was a mission to take down an international terrorist/criminal Alexander Slotsky. But after the Blooms decline to jump back into the spy business, Shaw gives them a speech about serving their country and leaves in disgust. I didn’t get why the Blooms owed the country, or the CIA rather, anything else, but I digress.

Later that night, Steve and Samantha watch a bride and groom dance blissfully and both lament on the good ole days of their marriage. Even later, attempts at intimacy goes nowhere. Awww…

Steve meets with Shaw the next day to accept the assignment, but makes it clear that Samantha doesn’t know about it. However, Samantha just so happens to be there for the same thing. While trying to explain themselves to each other, Shaw asks if the Blooms are in or not. If they weren’t in would we even have a show?

As the Blooms look over Leo’s last whereabouts, Samantha mentions a safe house of Leo’s that no one knew about in Madrid. Steven saves this info for later. They then contact Shaw for tickets, weapons, and backup. After he hangs up with the Blooms, Shaw calls someone named Kelvin, who asks if the Blooms know of the true reason of their reinstatement, which Shaw confirms that they don’t. Say What?!?!!? Do we have a mystery after all?

Marid, Spain

Once the Blooms get to Madrid, they discover Leo’s safe house and track his last days to a restaurant down the street. While there, they discuss breaking into a bank across the street to view their security camera to scope out who Leo met with before his disappearance. Enter the Blooms’ backup, Hoyt (Ben Schwartz), who reveals a major man crush for Steven, who is his idol. The ass-kissing is borderline annoying, but hopefully they will tone it down later. Still, though, Hoyt’s initial appearance is hilarious.

After breaking into the bank and seeing that Leo did meet with someone, the Blooms then spot that the person had a bag from a certain tailor shop in the city. After investigating the shop, they see that the guy in question bought a suit for a wedding of the daughter of an important diplomat. Steven, smelling something fishy about Leo’s behavior, thinks that their former comrade has gone rogue. Samantha disagrees with this assessment, thinking Leo has something else up his sleeve. The decide to trace the “blue pinstripe suit” guy to see if he has any knowledge of Leo’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile in a secluded location, Leo is tied up and held hostage by Slotsky’s men. In an attempt to get a meeting with Slotsky himself, Leo tells the guard about a package in a locker in Madrid that will have the information they want. He will tell them location if he can get that meeting with Slotsky. When the guard retrieves the laptop, he says theirs only one page of a document on there. Slotsky wants the whole thing. Leo reluctantly reveals that the rest of the document is in Paris.

Sam and Steven prepare to make a drop at the wedding and get into a debate about Leo’s loyalty. When Steven asks Sam why she’s so adamant on knowing Leo wouldn’t betray his country, she simply says she dated him. This throws Steven for a loop, because he had no clue this went down. I think a sit down conversation is in order…

As the two infiltrate the wedding party, they spot out the guy their looking for, whose name is Claudio Vega. The plan is to take Vega’s phone and download all aspects of the device to find Leo. This is where a little sexpionage enters the picture.

While Sam seduces Vega, she places a downloading device on his phone. While Hoyt and Steve download the files, Sam has to resort to going near naked before she stops Vega in his tracks after the data is collected. After meeting back up, Steve and Sam take notice of their surroundings and decide to enjoy themselves a little before their next trek.

On the plane, the Blooms and Hoyt listen to the voice mail of Leo calling Vega call of his men, the same phone call we heard in the beginning of the episode. Steven is convinced Leo is a traitor after hearing Leo talking about an offer, but Sam still doesn’t buy it. Steven thinks Sam’s reluctance is due to old feelings for Leo, but she swears that’s not the case. They then notice that the call took place in Paris, France and head there.

Paris, France

While searching the rooftop where Leo was last seen, Steven finds the Red Robot jump drive, but is accosted by a thug sent to retrieve the device. After duking it out for a bit, Steven gets the upper hand and knocks the guy out. Afterwards, they report to Shaw, who demands they give the drive to a CIA operative, but Steven argues that he has a better plan that will save them time. While Steven argues with Shaw, Sam speaks with her sister Lizzy (Mekia Cox), who Sam left in charge of the business while they were gone. Shaw gives the couple 48 hours for results.

Later, Steve introduces Samantha to an old friend named Henri, who is a computer cryptologist. Henri gives them the location of Leo’s computer where the files were uploaded to the drive, which is currently in Russia. He offers to decode the drive while the Blooms find Leo.

Moscow, Russia

When the Blooms arrive, they find Leo’s location and prepare for extraction. They lament on traveling but not enjoying it, but after a phone call from Henri tells them the contents of Leo’s drive, which were government documents, Steven is ready to take Leo in for being a traitor. Sam wants to go, but Steven wants her to stay put. They argue, but realize that in the midst of their adventures how much they have rediscovered each other. After a kiss, Steven makes his way into the building to go after Leo.

Once Steven reaches his target, Leo tries to get him to leave so that he can bag Slotsky himself. He comes clean about the government document, but says it was a ploy to lure in Slotsky. The two don’t have time to argue before Sam joins them and hilarity ensues when past relations are revealed. Then the gunfight begins as Slotsky’s men come a runnin’. Sam goes after Slotsky while Steven tries to get Leo out after he’s been shot in the leg.

Sam jumps in a car and chases after Slotsky’s vehicle, ultimately resorting to using a rocket launcher to do finish the task.

San Francisco, California

The Blooms debrief with Shaw, who gives them a new job with the CIA which will involve special, sensitive cases that only the Blooms will be called upon to complete. Shaw also mentions that the Blooms are to get whatever they need. Holy Plethora of Gadgets, Batman!!!

Later that night, the Blooms, whose sex life was nonexistent, has now gotten a lot more interesting.

Undercovers: Declassified

– Like I said in my review of the original pilot, the show is a breath of fresh air that could use some improving. The producers went back and added a nice little tidbit about the true reason why the Blooms were reinstated. Wonder what in hell that could be?

– For more debriefing, check out my review of the pilot. This might be the only recap of Undercovers on the site, since I am heavily thinking of switching to reviews instead. Check in next week!!!

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