Undercovers 1.05 “Not Without My Daughter” Recap

Besides the unoriginal title (and Sally Field inducing images from the movie of the same name), tonight’s Undercovers was a solid episode that introduced the Blooms to another spy couple, as well as give us another mystery to worry about.

Los Angeles, California

Instead of giving us the mission of the week prologue, we got the chance to revisit the Blooms first this week as they prepare for an annual “first date” anniversary and Lizzy’s 90 sober ceremony. While Lizzy makes sure that Sam and Steven will be in attendance at her ceremony, I’m slick wondering 1) Who was she talking to on the phone in Sam’s closet and 2) what will they find out and how soon? Could Lizzy be in some financial trouble? Or is it something grander than that?

North Korea

A thief breaks into a North Korean facility and steals a device. When the guards come running, the thief escapes to the floor below his theft. Turns out that the thief is actually a scientist named Shim Won, who built the device he just stole. After throwing off the guards with a fellow scientist, Won returns to his home and packs to leave town. He leaves his daughter, May, with a friend named Sun. Sun, North Korea, J.J.Abrams. Hmmm…. Anyway, he begs for his daughter to be careful, which makes me predict a kidnapping soon.

San Francisco, California

When there’s trouble, Carlton Shaw is never far from the Blooms’ location. He fills the two in on their assignment, which is to help facilitate Shin Won’s defection from North Korea during the Geneva conferences and successfully extract him from the event. They must also make sure that the device, which is called The Delta, is retrieved as well, because it is a part of the overall defection deal. The thing can turn matter into liquid by the flip of a switch. Small, but deadly.

Later that night, Steven looks over their assignment, while Sam worries about possibly missing Lizzy’s ceremony and a dinner party Sam planned… without Steven’s consent. They banter a bit, but cap it off with marital relations.

Geneva, France

Once the Blooms get to Geneva and try on their ‘covers’, they set up plans to remove Won from the North Korean guards and complete their mission. But thanks to Won’s fellow scientist snitching on him, the guards yank Won from the event to take him back to North Korea for questioning. Steven luckily catches up with the entourage by joining them in an elevator, which Hoyt takes control of long enough for Steven to subdue the guards. When this is done, the Blooms extract the Won.

Later, Won throws another monkey wrench into the plan by declaring that terms of his defection be altered to help his daughter. Despite initial reluctance, Sam agrees with Won, who tugs at her heartstrings by using the virtues of family as his bow. Unfortunately, hard nosed Shaw is not having it, declaring any entry into North Korean will not be cleared by the U.S., which means Won better change his tune or else. But Sam has made up her mind and drags Steven and Hoyt into lying to Won that they have clearance to enter North Korea.

Pyongyang, North Korea

Once they arrive at Pyongyang, Steven and Sam are stopped by North Korean guards when their cover, Canadian “food inspectors”, doesn’t sound legit to customs. When Sam challenges the customs guard with “proof” and a possible reprimand by their contact, the customs guard sticks them with an escort.

As Sam distracts the escort, Steven assembles their phones and contacts Hoyt, who is their eyes and ears on this operation again. Meanwhile, the North Korean police have infiltrated Sun’s home and takes May from her hiding place. Before she is captured, May leaves a message for someone to find when they found the place ransacked. After the Blooms’ ditch the escort, they make their way to Sun’s house to find that they’re too late. While looking for clues, the Blooms get a surprise when a French spy couple shows up to do the same job Sam and Steven were assigned to. Marcell and Camille Geffard reveals themselves to be French Intelligence agents who were contacted by Won in case the Blooms didn’t get clearance. Steven doesn’t trust them, but a check-in with Hoyt certifies the Geffards as legit French agents. After Sam and Camille uncover the message left behind by May, which was the name of police captain named “Nahm”, the two groups decide to work together.

While making it to the police station, the foursome come up with a plan to infiltrate. Lizzy texts Sam during the trip, letting Sam know that they missed the ceremony, which bothers Sam immensely.

As the interrogation of May is about to get ugly, the Blooms and the Geffards successfully enter the building. In the chaos that follows, the Geffards take May and run for it, leaving the Blooms behind and royally double-crossed.

Geneva, France

Shin Won gets a call from the Geffards who are holding May hostage for the exchange of The Delta. Won agrees to meet them the next morning. Steven and Sam show up at the hotel room in Geneva and asks Hoyt what the hell happened with the intel on the French. While Hoyt flubbers over his faux pas, they realize that Won is gone and they check surveillance to see where he disappeared to. Sam leaves to prevent the exchange from happening, while Steven and Hoyt tries to locate The Delta. The two men find the secret hideout spot for the machine, which happens to be in the podium at the Geneva convention. Really?! That’s the “safe place?” (:sigh:) Moving on…

The Geffards arrive with May to the relief of Shin Won. Keeping his part of the deal, Shin Won tells them the location of the device. Marcell tells Camille in another language to kill Won and May after he successfully retrieves The Delta.

Inside the convention, Steven and Hoyt enter the conference while Marcell sits not too far from them. As Steven tries to make his move, Marcell panics and knocks over the presenter to retrieve the device. The Geffards are either amateurs or incredibly stupid. I’m going to go with both.

While a shootout ensues in the kitchen between USA (Steven and Hoyt) and France (Marcell), a catfight is underway between Sam and Camille, who gets her ass handed to her by Sam. USA pulls out the win in both categories, as you know.

Los Angeles, California

Later, Sam witnesses the bond between Won and May, which prepares her to face the music when she gets home and deals with Lizzy.

After being debriefed by Shaw, who reluctantly gives them a “good job” after chewing them out, Sam faced Lizzy, who was not happy. After the two of them talked, though, things are mended… for now. Later, Steven and Sam finally have their “first date” anniversary dinner, where they concede on having a good time without needing any couples or parties to attend. Aww.

Tune in this weekend for my next edition to Undercovers: Declassified!

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