Five Utterly Unforgettable Breaking Bad Moments

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From the very first frame of Walter White in his underwear, to the final shot of the camera panning overhead as he lay dying, Breaking Bad was one of the most brilliantly crafted and expertly executed television shows of all time. The lines between who was good and who was bad were always getting blurred, and it was the kind of show that always threw a curveball every couple of episodes to keep the audience eager and on their feet. While it could be said the whole show was one, giant, unforgettable moment, we thought it might be fun to pick five moments out of this amazing series that we tend to think about more than the others. Here are five utterly unforgettable Breaking Bad moments.

The Homemade Grenade

So Walter knows that Tuco is going to be real trouble. He has already robbed him and beat Jesse pretty bad in the process. So what does Walter Do? He goes full Heisenberg, for what may have been the first time. He gets some fulminated Mercury (which is explosive) and uses it like a grenade while visiting Tuco himself. He blows half the place up and earns a mad man’s respect in the process.

Jane’s Death

What was very much one of the most heart wrenching moments on the show was another moment when Walter White had to go Heisenberg, even though you could see him fighting it. Jane may have been bad news, and may have gotten Jesse into some trouble, but Jesse loved her. So for Walter to stand over her and watch while she chokes to death on her own vomit was a brutal moment, and one you could see him battling with as a character.

Pizza on the Roof

You didn’t think it was all going to be dark and scarring, did you? This moment from earlier on in the show’s run was written to show how Walt was losing his grip on his family (and his own sanity) and he walks outside in a moment of anger and tosses a pizza he was hoping to eat with his family up on to the roof of the garage. The way the pizza landed (in the first take, by the way) was so perfect, it proved fate had a plan for this show.

Mike’s Perfect Shot

Mike was one of the best and most beloved characters on Breaking Bad. He just always seemed so gruff, but then you would see the moments of his with his Granddaughter and you would realize why he was doing all this: To ensure a better future for her. And though we almost went with Mike’s death at the hands of Walter, we decided we would rather focus on a scene that showed just how cool (and ruthless) Mike could be. This was that scene. One of the coolest scenes, ever.

Jesse Driving Away in Final Episode

I know most people may have wanted more Heisenberg moments on this list, but the truth is, Jesse was the real victim in that show. He was manipulated by everyone (and beaten really badly quite a few times) and you just had to feel for him. So in those final moments, when he was driving away, looking haggard and laughing maniacally, we finally had some hope for the character. He was the one who deserved to get away, and in our heads (even though we know better), he did. A very powerful scene in a very powerful show.

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