The Unsung Parody “Lonely Island” Was Asked to Write for The Oscars

The unsung parody Lonely Island was asked to be written for the Oscars is kind of funny really when you think about how many movies got totally snubbed from the awards. Some of the movies that ended up either winning or at least getting nominated were decent films and in some cases even visually powerful but the snub was still kind of unnecessary. Wonder Woman should have been on the ballot for certain, and Thor: Ragnarok was even more amusing than some of the films that got the nod. This kind of proves once again that the Oscars are a bit rigged when it comes to handing out nominations. People could state that this just isn’t so and that any conspiracy theory that’s attached to such words is nothing more than a fan of such films that are considered low brow and not worthy of such an award, but elitism is just as bad as anything when it comes to explaining away the reason why so many films were turned away from the Oscars.

IT, Wonder Woman, Thor, even Star Wars should have at least been considered since they all had elements that were masterfully done and could have possibly been given some attention. But this seems to be a year in which the more artistic bent is what is desired and as a result that’s more of what was able to get into the awards and what the academy seemed to deem was more important. When the year comes that the action and horror movies are desired once again you’ll see the shift and hopefully people won’t deny any longer that there is no such thing as merit when it comes to the Academy Awards. If that sounds sour just think it through. Those that have the final say on what gets nominated, what gets put on the ballot, and essentially what wins are not unbiased no matter how desired that might be. A human being can claim a lack of bias about anything, but when it comes to movies favoritism and bias play huge roles in what passes as good and what just doesn’t pass at all.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all would be Wonder Woman not being seen as a win or even a close nomination at the awards. This seems like the snub of the decade at least since the film was a box office smash and was also a big move for women everywhere it seemed. A female superhero that was strong of will, body, and mind came to the big screen and changed the game in a big way, and yet nothing. And yet years ago when The Hurt Locker came out, a story of men in the military and the risks they take as part of the EOD, it won without much of an issue. Oh and yes, that movie was directed by a woman too.

So really it seems like a game in which as long as women play along they can get the nomination and the nod. If not, then it’s just business as usual.

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