V 1.12 “Red Sky” Review

V has finally sold me. It was a long, hard sell, but I have to say that after watching “Red Sky,” the first season finale, I’m truly happy that V got picked up for a second season. I was fairly content with it with ABC announced it at upfronts, but now, I’m definitely excited, FlashForward or no FlashForward. The characterization for “Red Sky” was top notch, and I honestly can’t think of one thing I didn’t like about the episode. Well, they refused to show us Valerie and Ryan’s baby, one of the biggest cop-outs in history. But other than that, I found V to be a worthwhile watch, and was honestly better than the preceding episode of LOST, at least as far as pulse-pounding octane goes.

I’ll get straight to watch we’re all thinking: why is the sky red? Anna, angered by the murder of her soldier eggs, decided to up the ante on humanity by having their off-planet ships (who seem a lot closer than they did last time) turn the sky a bright red. Is this just a fear tactic used to get the humans to surrender, or is it some sort of toxin that kills humans? I’m hoping it’s the former, because if it’s the latter, season two is going to be a lot shorter than thirteen episodes.

But for some characters, season two won’t happen. Valerie is one of those who won’t be seeing the (red) light of day, after Anna gave her a fatal injection after the delivery of her baby. Of course, this will have some further play in the story, but it seems more and more like Valerie’s purpose on the series was to get pregnant and die. Her death really threw Ryan off the deep end, though, and before long, Anna will have him eating out of her hand.

Chad Decker was also instrumental in the story, but not in a good way. His meddling led to the death of Joshua, but he was also able to discover the true nature of the Visitors. Anna seemed to realize this when she met him after her dinner with Tyler, Lisa, and Erica, and she put it in no uncertain terms that he needs the Visitors. Especially if what Joshua said is true and the Vistors gave him an aneurysm.

Lisa’s character was fantastic in this episode, and they really played the conflict between her love for Tyler and her love for her Mother in the episode, but it seems her love for Tyler was stronger — though her actions will definitely leave her with deep regrets, especially after watching her mother’s pain at the end of the episode. And with Joshua calling her his queen? I’m expecting some interesting development there.

I’m really cutting this review short and not giving it the justice it deserves, but this episode was definitely the best of the season and left me wanting a season two. A+

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