The Vampire Diaries 2.06 “Plan B” Recap

Jesus! It’s only episode six of The Vampire Diaries and we got another body on our hands! I don’t know if I can take anymore… Oh, who the hell am I kidding?! Of course, I’m Gucci when it comes to a trip to Mystic Falls every week!

Last night, it was like The CW (and TVD writers) apologized for the atrocious hiatus last week by returning with a present like a jet-setting business man would do to for a jilted girlfriend. Well, TVD, consider yourself forgiven.

The Wolf and The Heart

While Stefan and Elena frolic in her bed, discussing their frustrations about the ruse to keep Katherine off their scent, Miss Mystic Falls Vamp herself is doing something similar with Mason Lockwood. Katherine asks the wolf when she will give up the moonstone and he says soon. Stefan and Elena tell each other how much they love each other. Katherine and Mason do the same. Katherine loves Mason? Bollocks.

Jeremy runs to Damon to reveal the info about Tyler and the moonstone. Damon reluctantly invites the kid in to spill the beans, because Jeremy didn’t inform Elena on his plan to visit Damon. Later, Alaric shows up with more info about the moonstone, which legend says can release the curse off a werewolf. Jeremy tells the guys he can retrieve the moonstone from Tyler.

The town gets ready for yet another Mystic Falls event at the Lockwoods, this time a Masquerade Ball, which is where Jenna asks Stefan about him and Elena’s relationship. Stefan tries to keep up the ruse, but Jenna reveals that she knows about them due to the thin walls in the Gilbert house and her being a light sleeper. Step your lie game up, Stefan!

Elena is surprised to see Bonnie also helping out at the event and the two friends catch up, but when Elena suggests Bonnie talk to Caroline as well, Mystic Falls’ resident witch is not up to that challenge just yet. Aw, come on Bonnie! Meanwhile, Mason is shocked to find out that Stefan is still up and at ’em and immediately demands to know where Sheriff Forbes is. After Stefan and Mason share words, the wolf walks away and bumps into Bonnie, who gets a reading from the brief body contact. Stefan notices this and Bonnie relays seeing a vision of Mason and Elena kissing. Clear vision, Bonnie, but wrong girl. Stefan immediately deduces Katherine and Mason’s involvement with each other.

When Damon reaches the Lockwoods’ estate, he shakes Jeremy off on Elena (who begs for Jeremy to be careful dealing with Damon) and is flabbergasted that Mason is in cahoots with Katherine. The brothers realize that Katherine has to be using Mason for the moonstone, but Stefan is pissed that Damon let Jeremy go after the gem alone. It doesn’t matter though, because Jeremy bombs in retrieving the stone due to Tyler giving to Mason. The Salvatores listen to the exchange between Jeremy and Tyler and decide to go with a Plan B, which includes Bonnie and her witchy thing she does to put Damon in his place. Bonnie doesn’t want to do it at first, but with Damon’s knack for persuasion (and Stefan’s soft tone), Bonnie relents when it comes down to the one person who matters most: Elena. Stefan fills Elena in on the situation, but tells her she doesn’t have to worry.

After Bonnie does her thing, she helps Damon take Mason back to the Salvatore mansion. When they get there, Damon ties Mason up while Bonnie searches the wolf’s mind for info on the location of the moonstone, which she discovers is a well. After Mason wakes up and scares Bonnie, the witchy teen leaves, but not before Damon genuinely thanks her. I think we should count that as one of the many shocks from the night as well…

On Bonnie’s way out, she runs into Caroline, who gives the location of the moonstone after Bonnie asks her about the well. Caroline then asks to go with Bonnie to retrieve the moonstone. After initial reluctance, Bonnie agrees to let Caroline tag along.

At the Lockwoods, Stefan gets a text from Bonnie about the moonstone and he leaves to retrieve it. Elena follows. When he gets there, Elena catches up to Stefan before he enters the well. When he dives in, Stefan is horrified to find out that the well is filled with vervain and he starts to burn. What?!

As Elena panics, Caroline and Bonnie luckily show up and help send Elena down the well to retrieve Stefan. Once Elena gets to Stefan, he’s burnt badly. She sends him up first, and proceeds to find the moonstone. Unbeknownst to Elena, until the last minute, is that the well is filled with venomous snakes who proceed attack her. Elena finds a box with the moonstone in it and is tugged back up. She feeds Stefan some her blood to get him to heal quicker.

At the Salvatore mansion, Damon tortures Mason with a fire poker as he tries to get the wolf to talk about the moonstone and how does Katherine play into everything. I mostly think it’s a revenge tool, but that’s just me… Jeremy shows up and unintentionally (intentionally?) gives Damon a new weapon in torturing Mason. It seems that if he vampires have vervain as their enemy, then werewolves have “wolfsbane” as theirs. Wooowww…. Damon shoves the plant into Mason’s mouth, forcing the guy to start talking some. Mason reveals the plan of using the moonstone to lift the curse off him, but why would Katherine do that? Well Mason seems to think she loves him. Oh, so Mason is a love sick idiot… I get it now!Damon gets it, too.

Jeremy becomes fidgety about Damon’s methods, but the vamp ignores him until the kid interferes. Eventually, Damon has to lay it out to the eager junior supernatural detective: It’s kill or be killed around Damon and if Jeremy wants to be down for the cause then he better buckle up. After Jeremy leaves, Damon explains to Mason how he knows where he’s coming from when it comes to Katherine and having your heart played with, because he was in the same position a year before. So to help Mason with his pain, Damon rips Mason’s heart out since Katherine will do it eventually! Holy…!

When Stefan returns with the moonstone, Damon finishes disposing of Mason’s remains by texting a fake goodbye text to Carol Lockwood about Mason going to Florida. Damon then notices the last number called and can’t resist dialing, despite Stefan’s warnings not to. When Katherine answers, Damon taunts his maker about nipping her plan in the bud, which riles Katherine up as she tells them that doesn’t she have a Plan B of her own, she has plenty more plans laid out. Just in case. Uh-oh…

Back at the Gilberts, Elena fills Alaric in on that day’s events while Jenna talks on the phone to an unknown person. Suddenly Jenna hands Elena the phone and Katherine starts dropping grenades left and right. The queen vampire of Mystic Falls announces that Jenna has been her spy for the last couple of days, informing her of Stefan and Elena’s continuing relationship. Katherine then lets Elena know that she means business as Jenna, who is still compelled, stabs herself with a kitchen knife! Your move, Team Salvatore/Gilbert.

The stab wound luckily wasn’t fatal, but it lets Elena know what has to be done. She goes to the Salvatore mansion, where she meets an already teary eyed Stefan, who knows why she’s there. Elena breaks it off between the two of them and the scene is painful people. As Elena leaves, Damon stops her and apologizes for lighting the fire in Katherine, but Elena says it didn’t matter, because Katherine won. Sadly, Elena’s right.

Carol tells a highly pissed off Tyler that Mason has headed back to Florid. What will our wolf-in-training do now?

A Forbes Mother Daughter Bonding

While all that chaos happened, Caroline tends to her mother during her stay at Casa Salvatore, which is close to coming to an end. Mrs. Forbes doesn’t want Caroline to say much, which forces the baby vamp to declare not much difference has taken place in their relationship. Mrs. Forbes sees glimmers of Caroline and starts asking questions about her daughters new condition. The conversation reveals that Caroline drinks more packaged blood than animal blood, because it’s better. Meanwhile, Matt asks Tyler and Elena advice on Caroline and if she’s done with him. Naw, buddy, her hands are bloody full at the moment.

After the incident at the well, Caroline excitedly tells her mother about what happened. It’s here that Mrs. Forbes finally sees her daughter’s newfound confidence and is elated. She begs Caroline to not compel her, because she wants to keep Caroline’s secret. While this would be dandy, it’s not a good idea as Caroline tearfully tells her mother before compelling her into forgetting everything. Awww…

Plan C

Katherine talks to a new toy she’s compelled into helping her get a new wolf since she lost her old one. The person she’s selected to go push Tyler into killing them? Matt. Hell to the naw! Well, she did say she had a plan C, D, E, F, and so on…

That was a welcoming return from a one week hiatus wasn’t it? I’m eager to see what Emma Fraser has to say in her review. One last thing though… Is it just me or shouldn’t have Stefan smelled that vervain before diving into it? Oh, and wasn’t it a little too soon to see Mason go? I guess I’m spoiled on guest stars overstaying their welcome… Okay, I’m done for the week. See you guys at the Masquerade Ball next week!

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