Vanderpump Rules Stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Get Spinoff

Vanderpump rules is still going strong. In fact, a new episode airs tonight on Bravo.  But there’s a lot more going on than just new episodes.  It appears that Vanderpump rules is going to start branching out.  It’s all going to begin with two of the show’s most vibrant figures:  Jax Taylor and girlfriend Brittany Cartwright are apparently going to be getting their own series.  According to TMZ:

Sources close to Bravo — which will air the series — tell us they started filming a new show for Jax and GF Brittany a few months ago in Kentucky … where her family lives. We’re told the focus of the show will be Brittany’s family pressuring her to get hitched to the ‘Vanderpump’ bad boy … but he’s just not into sealing the deal. Jax is a notorious player on ‘Vanderpump,’ and a commitment-phobe … unclear if he’s sold on the idea of marriage. Bravo has one big fear … that they won’t be together by the time this thing airs in the summer.

Is there such thing as real TV anymore?  Forget reality TV, just “real” television.  Of course this show is going to start!  And yes, it’s highly likely these two won’t be together by then but the almighty dollar will easily quell any fears of a show not going into production.  If the show can make money, it’s going to air.  This new show has “Flip or Flop”written all over it.  When the show starts filming these two won’t even be together and there will be some kind of cover up for 2 years.

Then, to get even higher ratings,  the show will release what really happened.   It’s almost too easy for Bravo these days.  I should be a producer.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s episode

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