Veep 2.09 Sneak Peek: Selina Gains Momentum After Her Interview

veepSelina’s interview with Janet Ryland looked to be yet another disaster for the Veep, as the allegations against Andrew were brought up on multiple occasions and there was no moment where she broke through and looked Vice Presidential in stature. That is, until her final statement on the Uzbek hostage crisis and what she may or may not have known about the spy – that turned out to be a lie. However, it was the most confident and self-assured she’s been in the public eye since arguably the midterm campaigning, so the entire experience ultimately turned out to be good for Selina and something that, at least for the time being, should give her some serious momentum.

On the next episode of Veep, Selina is using that momentum to spread her message and make public appearances to raise her profile, something that she had been advised against. A part of the reason that she’s been as active as she has been since the interview, apart from attempting to improve her polling, is to needle POTUS a bit, since he was the one who blamed her for the shutdown in the first place. She’s trying to show that she’s not going to be one to sit back and be bullied into submission by him, nor is she ready to beg for political scraps when she has the American people on her side. However, POTUS has a nuclear bomb that he can set off anytime he wants to with the knowledge that Selina didn’t know about the spy, which would make her not only look like a liar, but like an incompetent Vice President who’s shut out from important White House matters. The only question is when he’ll decide to detonate it, if at all.

Elsewhere on Veep, Dan continues to play both sides of the Selina/Chung rivalry and Amy begins thinking about the possibility of jumping ship.

Veep airs Sundays at 10:00 on HBO.

What would happen if the public were to find out that Selina lied in her interview? Will the allegations against Andrew come back to haunt the Veep before the end of the season? Are Dan and Amy as good as gone from Selina’s staff?




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