Veep Season 2 Finale Preview: The Administration Goes into Panic Mode

hbo veepAs much as this season of Veep has been about Selina getting more deeply involved in Washington and looking to take on more responsibility in and around the White House, last week’s episode showed just how much of an effect two years of humiliation, scrambling, and awful PR has had on her, as she told Amy she was tired of her current situation and her ties to POTUS. Selina simply doesn’t want to be the Veep anymore and would rather wait the six years to run for the Presidency once again, but on the season finale of Veep, she might not have to wait that long.

The administration has gone into a state of panic due to the Congress taking the first steps toward impeaching POTUS over the Uzbek hostage crisis. If they find enough evidence of wrongdoing and enough legislators vote to impeach him, we could be looking at a case of Selina becoming the President not six years from now but during her first term as Vice President. However, there’s still the matter of her interview with Janet Ryland hanging in the air and the fact that she lied on national television, something that POTUS knows and could use against her. Should it look like he’s about to go down in flames, there’s a great chance that he opts to bring Selina down with him and implode the entire administration or, at the very least, put her in such a deep hole for the final two years of the term that there’s no way reelection could be possible. All that Selina’s wanted this season is political visibility and respectability, but now that the chance of that coming to fruition is here, is she ready to step up and make the most of her opportunity?

The season finale of Veep airs tonight at 10:00 on HBO.

How do you think this season of Veep will end? Will we see President Selina Meyer, should POTUS be impeached? Who do you think Gary will choose: Selina or Dana?



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