VFX Video Shows What it Would be Like in an R-Rated MCU

It’s kind of obvious that the MCU takes a lot of liberties when it comes to the realm of physics, especially when it has to do with the damage that certain characters incur in the movies. So let’s say a quick thank you to the VFX crew in this video that has decided to show us what an R-rated hero movie would look like. Of course we’ve already got Logan and Deadpool to thank for showing us that not all heroes are going to worry about bad language and keeping people in one piece, but just think about what might happen if Disney decided to release the fetters on Marvel and really let the reality sink in. After all the crew makes several very good points that will make you look twice and even three times at what’s really going on.

So let’s put it this way just to start, no one wants to really see bodies hitting the floor as they might in a Deadpool movie when we’re talking about the Avengers since it’s become, by and large, a kid’s movie and the demographic includes a very large number of impressionable children that might look at things differently if they had to experience the MCU in the same manner as a Quentin Tarantino movie. But, and this is a big caveat, looking at the movies from an adult perspective and wanting to like them does take on a new meaning when you factor in what actually happens to a human body when it’s struck with enough force. Marvel could be a lot bloodier if the House of Mouse would allow it, as when you think about how strong Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, and even Iron Man are then you might gain a bigger appreciation of just how much damage they can do. The sequence in Civil War is just a taste of what could happen given that the forces that the Marvel universe is dealing with could atomize a human being in some instances given that our bodies aren’t meant to withstand such powerful forces without some hint of damage.

But this is almost like watching Mortal Kombat when the guys really get going on their additions and edits to the movie since the blood flies, pours, and otherwise paints the landscape as the real strength of Cap is taken into effect and the reality of Falcon’s wings slicing through human flesh is finally realized. Then you factor in the idea of the Hulk smashing Loki around like a wet rag and figure that not even an Asgardian could take that kind of punishment unless their durability really is that intense. In the comics it might seem okay since, well, comic magic and all that, but in a movie where you expect some form of reality to take hold and act as a linchpin between reality and fantasy, you get the sense that Marvel is treating our sensibilities with Mickey-sized kid gloves. There’s a good reason behind that obviously but again, from an adult perspective it’s kind of hard to accept all the time since human bodies don’t just bounce off of walls, cars, and other surfaces without some hint of damage.

The work that the guys do in the clips they take is amazing since thanks to the programs they’re working with and the attention to detail there’s almost nothing they miss, and the results look at little cheesy, such as the thick sauce coming from the guy that Wanda squeezes like an orange, but overall it’s a little more realistic than the actual movie. Don’t expect to see such effects in a Marvel movie anytime soon, at least not unless they’re going to finally admit that the comics aren’t always PG or PG-13 rated, but seeing it from this perspective is kind of nice since it reminds a person that even in the movies the human body has a great number of limits, such as not being able to withstand a hit from a shield that has an edge fine enough to break locks and allow it to become lodged in the steel door of a van. Couple that with the strength of a man that is as strong as Captain America and there aren’t a lot of beings on earth that could take that kind of hit without being split in two.

It’d be great if we could see more R-rated Marvel movies since it does seem as though they’d be more realistic and more up to par with the comics, but once again, the House of Mouse isn’t about to allow it, and one simply knows the complaints that would come since these have been marketed to kids throughout the years. As Jack O’Regan from ScreenRant might agree, it might be time to start exploring the multiverse in an attempt to appease both kids and adults alike.

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