Video Game Review: Become a VR “Accountant” in Accounting+

Accounting is the most exciting profession in the world. And most children dream of becoming an accountant when they grow up. They even ask their parents for a scientific calculator every Christmas. And most parents support this dream because a $68,150 yearly salary guarantees your children will be picking your nursing home. To encourage your children, instead of inviting your overworked H&R Block accountant to your home, why not buy an expensive VR headset and load up Accounting+! Your kids will quickly learn the value of corporate accounting without having to pour over boring old spreadsheets. But before you spend your money, read this review first.

1. Your First Day as a VR Accountant

If you’re a little wary of spending $12 on the full game, try out the free legacy version. The free legacy version will place you in a basement accounting office. And since VR job training is all the rage, you’ll be tasked with finding a VHS tape, loading it into a VCR, and placing a virtual VR headset on your head. Your child will soon understand how murdering kings, playing bone xylophones and egging the jury is all just in a day’s work for accountants.

2. Accounting+: The Truth Behind Accounting

Once your child has gone to bed after a full day of adventuring in the bizarre world of accounting, we recommend you load up the full version of Accounting, Accounting+. Not all children appreciate the true nature of accounting unless their parents feed them a steady diet of Rick and Morty. This new and slightly more expensive version includes everything the base game has and more. Explore safe spaces, experience satanic rituals, and discover secret levels (hint: don’t always listen to the character’s instructions).

But be warned, if you rush through the game after having played the legacy version, you’ll end up saying, “Why did I spend $12 on this B.S.?” The depth and meaning of Accounting+ only come to those who have patience and don’t rush.

3. Navigating the Bizarre World of Accounting

Parents rejoice. The original game used an old notion in virtual reality, room-scale. Developers quickly realized that people were tired of replacing expensive Persian vases and they created a teleportation system. This system takes advantage of “safe spaces” within the world of Accounting+ and you can move where ever you want within those spaces. This opens up more possibilities within the virtual world than in the original game. And to interact with objects in your vicinity, you’re given a convenient pair of mouse cursors for hands. These correspond to your motion controllers so that you can do amazing things like click staplers and dig through the bowels of a dead king. The world of accounting really is a wonder!

Actually, please don’t let your children play Accounting+. This is a game by the makers of Rick and Morty and it involves coarse language, violence, and adult themes. It is an entertaining and weird game, however, and if you enjoy the oddball humor of Rick and Morty, you’ll enjoy Accounting+. Grab it on HTC Vive, Oculus, or PSVR.

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