The Five Best Hairstyles in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

One of the nice things about Generation VII of Pokemon games is the increased customization for the player characters. After all, while the Pokemon games have a long-standing tradition of using player characters with predefined looks, said characters are in a very real sense, supposed to represent the people playing them. As a result, it is good that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have provided increased customization options for the player characters, with a particular emphasis on the hairstyles that are available to interested individuals.

Here are five of the most interesting hairstyles that can be found in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon:

1. Caesar Cut

Sometimes, a simple and straightforward option is the best option, thus the Caesar Cut. Said hairstyle can be seen on a wide range of depictions of the famous Roman dictator Julius Caesar, who was never a Roman emperor but nonetheless paved the way for his adopted heir Augustus to establish the Roman Empire. As a result, Caesar became not just an imperial title for the Roman Empire but also for a number of the empires that followed in its footsteps, as shown by the use of Kaiser by the German Empire and the use of Czar by the Russian Empire. With that said, it is very amusing to note that the Caesar Cut was worn by a man who was starting to bald, which was particularly noteworthy because one of the speculated meanings of the name Caesar was “hairy” in the sense of having plenty of hair on top.

2. Modern Quiff

Building themed Pokemon teams can be a lot of fun for a lot of Pokemon players. After all, if the in-game trainers can do it, why shouldn’t Pokemon players be able to do the same? For people who are entertained by the thought of building a team filled with Serperior as well as other Pokemon who can match the Generation V’s superior attitude, the Modern Quiff makes for an excellent choice because fairly or unfairly, it is a hairstyle that has become associated with a particular kind of people in certain kinds of media.

3. Short and Tousled

With that said, people who prefer a more casual look might be interested in the Short and Tousled hairstyle, which seems like the sort of hair that can be found on someone who has spent months and months traveling from city to city. On the whole, it offers a fair amount of visual interest for people who might have lost interest in the default hairstyle while still seeming like a very suitable choice for the player character.

4. Long and Straight

The Long and Straight hairstyle is very simple and straightforward haircut, which explains why it has seen so much use over a wide range of cultures in a wide range of times. With that said, it is interesting to note that the Long and Straight hairstyle bears a fair amount of resemblance to what the Japanese call the hime cut, which translates more or less to the “princess cut.” Said hairstyle has earned this name because of its association with Japanese noblewomen in ancient times, which seems to have started up back in the Heian period.

5. Cornrow Braided Bun

Buns are a very practical choice as a hairstyle, which make them well-suited for the kind of person who heads out on months-long Pokemon training trips. They can be a little bit boring, but the Cornrow Braided Bun avoids this particular problem because its additional elements generate more visual interest for the hairstyle as a whole.

The Future?

With that said, considering the increased support for player character customization, one can’t help but wonder whether this will extend to the player’s Pokemon in future Pokemon games as well. Some of the games have offered small ways to distinguish one Pokemon from another, but for the most part, these haven’t done much more than to whit the appetite for more extensive details by which to differentiate Pokemon. For example, imagine a future in which Pokemon of the same species might have small differences in the pattern of their coat, the shape of their horns, or something similar. Likewise, imagine a future in which it will be possible to put Pokemon sweaters on various Pokemon, thus ensuring that our beloved digital companions will continue to look toasty warm even in the coldest climates. Neither of these possibilities are particularly innovative, considering the existence of Spinda as well as the existence of Cosplay Pikachu. However, considering the increased customization for the player character, it seems more and more reasonable to speculate that future Pokemon games might offer players the chance to differentiate their Pokemon as well, which would make them that much more amazing.

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