The Honest Game Trailer for Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Dragonball Fighter Z was bound to get the Honest Treatment eventually. Much like the cartoon this game is kind of all over the place and apt to cause an epileptic fit if one isn’t careful. Some folks tend to enjoy the maddened pace of this game in that it offers bright colors, fast play, and the kind of combos that aren’t really that hard since they seemed to hardwired into the controller somehow. While it might seem like it’s easy enough to pick up the gameplay is still far deeper than one would initially think and when one attempts to get into playing people online they’ll find that out the hard way.

The style of the game is very Capcom since it looks a lot like the Marvel vs. Capcom fighting games that have come before. I would say that those games weren’t quite as explosive as this but let’s face it, Capcom likes to fill the entire screen at times when an attack is coming or someone is charging up without a chance to be blocked. Does anyone recall what would happen to a character when they used to charge up in the older games, if that was an option? Oh yeah, you’d get your butt kicked since charging up for a massive attack usually takes a few seconds that most opponents won’t gladly give you. In the online VS. mode I get the feeling that a lot of players might find that out very quickly.

This is also a game that you really need to know your Dragon Ball lore to play, otherwise it becomes just another fighting game without much purpose since you won’t know the story or the full dynamic between the characters. There’s a lot of back story to know before playing this game if you really want to enjoy it, which means that a person would have hours and hours to watch just to say that they finally understand why one character has a serious grudge against another. In a fighting game this shouldn’t matter since it’s pretty much everyone against everyone unless it’s in a different mode. But again, if you really want to enjoy it and have a good comprehension of what’s going on then you really need to know more about Dragon Ball.

At least with Marvel vs. Capcom you get the idea of who the heroes are and that it’s simply a free for all where story doesn’t matter as much. Of course even there it pays to know just a little something about the characters. Fighting games used to be so simple it seems. They’ve all had their back stories but with games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and several others the back story was something that didn’t matter quite as much since the action within the game was more than enough to entertain people. In this game however if you don’t know anything about the characters then understanding the game itself is kind of difficult. For Dragon Ball fans though this is probably a great game.

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