Video Games Viewed from a More Realistics Perspective

Sigh. Time to ruin your preconceptions about video games by giving them a more realistic lean. Is this really necessary most of the time?  A lot of people seem to think that video games promote violence and make miniature psychopaths out of children. But surprisingly when you put things in a more realistic view it tends to upset them a lot more than the actual game itself. Fantasy is the stretching and flexing of imagination and the application of real world skills used to vanquish imaginary characters in an exercise that doesn’t have any real world applications but is a great way to blow off steam in a manner that doesn’t invite violence between one person and another, unless it’s in the virtual world.

But since this article is about getting real, here we go.

That kind of seems like an over-simplification and a falsehood. Your girlfriend was abducted by a mutated, angry turtle monster and those meandering creatures you’re destroying happen to be the minions of that same creature that turned your life upside down. Now Mario’s not a saint but he’s not exactly a mass murderer either.

I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but it seems fairly accurate when speaking to the trapping of local wildlife. Pokemon does seem a bit unfair in how a lot of the creatures are treated and forced to engage in fights to the digital ‘death’. And yet it doesn’t help when so many of them are made cute and cuddly to start with.

To be fair in Skyrim it seems as though you could be the mass murderer or the adventurer seeking out quests and worthy adventures to test your mettle. It’s not much better when you put it that way but at the very least you’re not actively seeking to kill people if you go on a noble quest. And aside from that that, there are a lot of quests that are designed to fight evil creatures.

Man, someone really has a dim view of video games. It’s not totally inaccurate at least but I don’t know as I’d go so far as to call a player a god of war. After all no one that’s played this game has ever gone without dying at least once or twice. In almost every game a player recovers quickly. If it were too true to real life most characters would be dead or dying after one hit.

I honestly did not know about this fact, or that the game was all about this. But at least the character is kind-hearted. They could just be a mean thug that likes beating people with a giant phallus.

Is it really good science if the main character is a lab rat? You’ve got to think around a few corners on this one and really come to an educated conclusion as to what “good science” really means.

Link isn’t exactly the brightest candle in the bunch, but quite honestly breaking stuff and killing chickens does seem a little bit rude.

To be perfectly honest the game looks rough enough without having to give a dose of reality. There’s really no sugarcoating the game at all, so why bother injecting it with a dose of realism?

It might be a case of art imitating real life in this one. That’s kind a sad commentary on humanity really.

Literal thinking and video games just do not get along.

Just let people enjoy video games, it’s so much simpler that way.

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