Video Imagines if 2020 Were a Star Wars Film

It’s a good idea to take this video with a big grain of salt and keep a good sense of humor about it since it’s kind of obvious that someone with a very pointed view put the various clips together and whether they’re leaning one way or the other, it’s fair to say that they probably had a good time making it. Those watching, including myself, were either laughing uproariously or rolling their eyes as they chuckled their way through it since getting mad at any of the content would be a bit juvenile since it would mean that the viewer was taking it way too personally. Maybe that’s one of the biggest problems in 2020, everyone takes things way too far since the somehow believe that everything that’s said or done in this world is affecting them directly. The use of Star Wars clips for this project was interesting since it’s definitely making a point, or trying to, and using the current unrest in the country to make it clear that things are not at an even keel and might not get that way for some time since the whole idea of pleasing an entire country is something that hasn’t been done in quite a while. But keeping everyone angry over one thing or another, that’s something that can be assured and accomplished very, very easily.

There is a lot of truth to a few of the clips no matter how much people want to say otherwise since the coronavirus did manage to disrupt a lot of things that people have taken for granted for so long. It pretty much crippled the way that people were used to doing things and is continuing to do so since we can’t just go out and do the things that we want to at any given time, and a lot of businesses have gone under or are currently headed that way.  But what it’s not showing is that there are a few parts of life that are attempting to come back, since professional sports are currently still going, restaurants are doing what they can to make a comeback, and even theaters are continuing to try when it comes to getting their business back. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s an attempt all the same since people are trying to make do when it comes to dealing with a new way of life. Plus, the doomsayers that are out there, and they know who they are even if they want to call themselves realists, usually fail to focus on aspects of life that are still positive even if it appears that there aren’t many left. It’s very easy to state that there’s no hope, that we’re without any recourse when it comes to getting the economy back, but if one says this then they’re deliberately stating that to try is useless. One can see the government and the people any way they want, but seeing either side as the good guy in any given scenario is funny since it all depends on the perspective and the issue at hand.

COVID-19 has done a lot of damage and everything that has happened this year has continued to escalate and make every other problem worse as people continue to rally and rail and rant on about whatever it is that strikes their fancy at any given moment. Such words are bound to be seen as argumentative since anything and everything can offend people these days and trying to please everyone is about as impossible as it gets. Trying to simply bring things to a balancing point is possible, but only if both sides are willing to admit that it needs to be fixed and that it can be fixed if there’s an honest attempt by each side to make things better. Star Wars was fraught with this issue as well, but using it to explain the current situation in 2020 is funny since the part of the good guys and the bad guys can flip flop pretty quickly since there’s no telling what kind of light is going to be shed on either side at any given moment that will expose someone and make people’s perspectives shift. At least in Star Wars, there was a clear line between who was fighting for the betterment of the galaxy and who was simply trying to subjugate people. Of course, even that has been flipped thanks to shifting perspectives, and to be clear it’s right to do so since the Rebellion and the New Republic both had their shady sides, but to be fair the Alliance never committed genocide, even if it did manage to get a great number of people killed as well. Let’s face it, in Star Wars or in real life, when there’s a crisis, good guys and bad guys exchange roles pretty quickly sometimes.

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