Video Imagines The Simpsons As a British Show

So that’s an interesting question. What if The Simpsons was a British comedy? It doesn’t feel as though this clip below is quite as comprehensive as it could be, but it’s likely that as a spoof of the show it might work on a certain level, at least until Homer ends up killing Bart. The overall sense of comedy that is prominent in each and every country tends to differ as it has been seen over the years since thanks to the number of differences in each country it’s bound to happen that a lot of the ideas that come up in any given show are going to be quite a bit different. British humor is at times thought to be a little stiffer than the type of humor that Americans enjoy, while other countries are different as well. But one show among the several that people across various countries tend to enjoy would be The Simpsons. The family has been accepted as they are, more or less, from one country to another over the years and haven’t been changed in any huge way apart from some of the content that might not be allowed or might not be appreciated in certain regions. One of the biggest controversies in recent times has been the character of Apu since the stereotype that the show has been accused of pushing to a big extent is that which shows an Indian individual operating a small convenient mart, having multiple children, and acting in various ways that people happen to think is racist at this time. On top of that, being voiced by a white man apparently is no longer allowed since it offends too many people.

The only problem with shaming white voice actors that take on the roles of people of color is the fact that there are people of color that do voice white characters. The double standard that exists for this type of thing is more than a little hypocritical, not to mention that they’re VOICE ACTORS playing a part, just as a live-action actor would be playing a part. It does feel that if The Simpsons had been created in Great Britain that this would still be an issue thanks to the irritating but very real issues that have emerged today. Many people don’t enjoy hearing this, but for so many years very few people had anything to say about who was voicing which character, as Bart is voiced by a woman if that makes any difference. In the long run, it doesn’t matter who voices who so long as they’re doing a good job and happen to enjoy the part. But this is the world we currently live in, and sadly, there’s not much chance that things are going to settle down for a while to come.

The Simpsons is one of many shows that has endured a few controversial moments over the past, and whether it would have been able to do the same if it had been created across the pond is unknown, but it does feel that it would have come under fire in the same manner since the subject of race and racism has been spreading like wildfire for the past five years now. It’s been around for much, much longer than that of course, but this sudden flare from those that want to target anything and everything they don’t like has quickly reached epidemic levels and has made it almost impossible to ignore that often when it comes to just about anything that might have anything to do with race, which, according to some, is virtually everything. Rolling your eyes and trying to move past it is one of the best ways to at least try to ignore the worst of it, but when those that are into telling people what should and shouldn’t be practiced, watched, revered, or listened to come around it’s a little difficult to just look away and ignore them. The Simpsons has been a show that has lasted longer than many of those that wish for a PC, censored world have been alive, and as a result, it feels likely that they’re going to outlast the current storm of negative opinion.

Had The Simpsons been a British show however it does feel that they might not have had to worry about this since the depressing look of the clip above makes it possible to think that only MTV or Adult Swim would have eventually picked up the show and made an attempt to run with it. Plus, if it was bound to be featured in such a manner, it does feel that it wouldn’t have lasted long since there have been those that call British humor dry and a bit stiff. This isn’t entirely true, to be honest, but the clip makes it feel that way.

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