VIDEO – Sons of Anarchy “Juice and Clay”

Poor Juice, he’s kind of the Mary Ingalls of the Sons of Anarchy—and I won’t belittle an SOA fan for not getting that Little House on the Prairie reference. In the beginning he served as the Sons’ IT department, but in latter seasons he’s been pretty much become the MC’s tortured soul constantly finding himself in lose lose situations, forced to betray someone he loves.  No wonder he’s the Son who has shed the most tears on the show.

As you HAD BETTER know already,  Season 5 has been a particularly bad time for Juice.  His role in the Rico case has been exposed, and he has grown closer to Clay only to now be told he must turn on him to remain in the club.  Strangely, the only thing that can save Juice now would be … Clay regaining the SAMCRO Presidency from Jax, and with this unstable house of cards the prodigal son has built it just might happen.  Check out this latest “Behind the Anarchy” courtesy of FX to get a look at the anatomy of Juice’s current predicament, and be sure to tune in tomorrow at 10PM on FX for the Penultimate episode of Sons of Anarchy Season 5.

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