Videos: Supernatural PaleyFest Red Carpet & Panel

Yesterday I posted a fairly comprehensive summary of the Supernatural PaleyFest panel (read it here), but there’s nothing like seeing something with your own two eyes. Fortunately, there were several people in attendance who filmed portions of the panel.

Below we have two videos from mythgrrrl’s YouTube account that cover about 23 minutes of the panel itself. Then there are three different videos featuring the main cast being interviewed in the press room before the panel.

Jim Beaver talks about playing Bobby in the wheelchair, Ben Edlund discusses his Supernatural directorial debut in episode 6×20 while the cast also shares their thoughts on the experience, and Jim discusses how Bobby’s friends keep dying.

Jim talks about Bobby kissing Crowley, Jared Padalecki talks about how much be enjoyed playing Soulless Sam, Eric Kripke talks about Dean’s amulet and then disscuses how he does have certain things that he would like to change about episodes, Eric, Jared and Jensen talk about acting in exposition scenes, Misha talks about why he decided to give Castiel a deep voice and Erick talks a bit about the two-part season finale in response to an audience question.

In the next three videos Jared, Jensen, Jim and Misha are all interviewed by Whedonopolis on the red carpet.

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