Vin Diesel is Apparently Working on a Music Album

If you’re feeling a little conflicted about watching Hollywood tough guy Vin Diesel making a music album just keep in mind that he’s doing it primarily because his kids like to hear him sing. If nothing else that should tell you that he’s a good and attentive dad since some dads might not even think twice about doing something like this for their kids, if only because they believe that they have a frog-like voice that no one wants to hear. But give Vin credit, he’s doing something nice for his kids and he’s thinking that he can make a go of it, so being supportive might be a better idea as Joey Paur of GeekTyrant tends to think, especially if it works. It’s true, trying to think of Diesel as a singer is kind of tough since it’s like watching Dominic Teretto go from being the muscled gearhead, street-racing tough that he’s been for so long to being a devoted and sappy dad that’s singing to his kids because he doesn’t care what others think so long as his kids are happy. It’s not a hard transition really though since he’s had to make that kind of move in The Pacifier, kind of, and the character of Dom has even changed a bit since the tough guy has more to lose now and therefore more to think about.

It is interesting, not tragic, to watch how people change throughout the years, especially after having kids and as they get older. If you can believe it, is currently in his early 50s and has become quite the father figure when away from show business for long enough to be with his family. He’s even caught flak for his ‘dad bod’ when he’s been caught on camera without his customary rippling muscles. At that point it’s kind of a laughable moment when it comes to reminding people that a lot of their on screen heroes and tough guys don’t normally walk around looking jacked and as if they could break someone in two without that much effort. Even in one of the movies that helped to make him the star he is now, Pitch Black, Vin wasn’t super-pumped as of yet, though he was an impressive sight all the same. As time has passed and he’s continued to age along with everyone else though it’s obvious that things have changed and he’s not really the tough guy in real life that he is on screen, and is a very dedicated family man that enjoys being around his kids and making their lives something special.

Come on, how many people would think they have a shot at singing because their kids like listening to them? The fact that he states that his daughter walks around singing the songs he sings to his kids is enough to make a person think that a lot of people might be too shy to take a chance and try to begin a music career. It could be that he’s just feeling things out, seeing if he can really make it or if he’ll be better off in the movies and singing for his kids at home. But if things go well then it could be another facet of his career that could be there when the Fast and Furious days are finally over. After all if the franchise does keep going it almost feels as though it’s going to get run into the ground eventually, especially as the surprise characters are starting to roll in and the whole franchise has started to feel more like a giant soap opera that’s disguised as an action movie. It’s still going to amaze and possibly confuse a lot of fans to hear him singing when he’s built up such a reputation around himself throughout the years, but it could be something that might work for him. If you’re still scratching your head and wondering just how in the world this could work, don’t worry about it since you’re likely not the only one. It’s not a strike against him or even a chance to try and criticize the man, but it’s a definite shift that might not make sense to a lot of people at first. But staying supportive of Diesel, if you happen to be a fan, could be the better way to go since if he does end up doing well enough to be considered a singer then it’d be best to say that of course, as a fan, you were supportive.

It’s not the strangest shift in show business really since some folks have come and gone that have been known throughout their entire careers for being one type of actor only to turn around and surprise everyone at the last second. If it works though, then why fight it?

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