Vince Gilligan Promises a Better Ending for Better Call Saul than Breaking Bad

It might be time to get on Netflix and binge the first four seasons of Better Call Saul as Jeremy Dick of TVWeb suggests since the bold claim that BCS will end up being better than Breaking Bad by the time it’s all said and done is kind of a bold claim. It’s at least a little difficult to think that a spinoff could ever top its parent show since typically the spinoff will rely upon the original show to even exist. But BCS has managed to become a fan favorite that a lot of people have seen as a worthy replacement to BB since by the time the first show ended people were wondering just what they were going to do now that such an iconic show had ended and the story arcs of at least a couple of characters were left to be imagined by those that that didn’t want the story to end. Better Call Saul was a godsend for a lot of fans that happened to enjoy his inclusion into BB since for one reason or another his story resonated with enough people that it managed to get its own spinoff and then, wonder of wonders, was able to keep going for more than one season as Jimmy managed to touch the fans on a level that was kind of unexpected at first glance.

The fact that several notable characters were brought back due to Jimmy’s story taking place a couple of years before he met Walt and Jesse did help really since it showed a huge amount of story that was taking place in the wings when Walt had yet to realize just how much money was waiting to be made by cooking meth and Jesse was still a low-level dealer that couldn’t tell his butt from a hole in the ground most days. Into that picture came Jimmy McGill, the man that would one day be known as Saul and one of the most crooked yet likable guys around somehow. Well, likable to the fans at least since in the show he’s still something of a sleazebag, much as he was when we were first introduced to him. But getting his own show definitely made it possible for Jimmy to become a sympathetic character that people couldn’t help but like after a while since so many were hooked on the show almost immediately. It’s not hard to see why since Bob Odenkirk did take the role and run with in a manner that was nothing short of amazing as he continued to unfold the story of his character in a way that was kind of hard to say no to.

There have been definite bumps and uncertainties along the way but that’s pretty standard for any show since it would be more nerve-wracking to go this far and not have any issues whatsoever since a lot of people might wonder just what sort of karmic fate was being cooked up to derail the whole thing. But through thick and thin BCS has become one of the absolute favorite shows of those that absolutely loved BB and even those that didn’t watch the original series. With only so much time left to the show however it’s starting to become a question as to how the show is going to end and whether or not it’s really going to be better than BB as has already been claimed. One has to remember that the end of BB was about as perfect as it could get and that many fans were actually emotional over it since some believed that Walt should have had a happier ending in some way. Like it or not though he had the perfect ending, really the only ending that was fitting for his character, a man that had done everything he could to protect and care for his family even as he continually drove them away. Jesse even got a decent ending as he was set free and was even given a movie, El Camino, following the end of the show. It still feels like a very bold claim that’s being made in regards to how BCS is going to finally end, but it does sound as though it’s going to be something more epic than the show it came from. Amanda Harding from the CheatSheet has more on this subject.

Now one has to wonder just what show is going to replace BCS eventually? Will there be an attempt at another spinoff or is the BB series finally over and done with? There are plenty of characters left that could possibly be given a little more attention, but at this point it might might feel as though the story is being stretched a little TOO much. A world without Breaking Bad AND without Better Call Saul might feel a little bleak to fans, but that end is still in sight.

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