The Voice Preview Clips – How it Isn’t That Other Singing Competition

Tonight NBC premieres it singing competition The Voice, and the response I get from most people when I mention the show is “How is this going to be different from American Idol?”, well – let me, and NBC, show you. The Voice is actually quite different from American Idol. Yes, the end game is still to bring an undiscovered singer to fame and stardom, but the way they get there on The Voice is an entirely different process. For starters, on The Voice you have ‘coaches’ instead of judges, and the coaches are in competition with one another. The coaches include superstars Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Each Coach forms a team via a very unique audition process, which you will see below, and then train their team to compete for your votes. One claim of The Voice producers is that they are eliminating mediocrity from the process. The insinuation is, I suppose, that every contestant on The Voice could win American idol with their vocal cords tied behind their backs. So did they succeed? The two performance clips below may convince you they have, or not. You be the judge.

For me, it is the audition process that has secured my date with the peacock tonight. The coaches sit in spacey looking electric chairs that face away from the stage as the contestants are brought out to audition for them. If the coaches like what they hear, they can hit a button to be turned around to face the contestant. If more than one coach chooses a contestant that contestant gets to choose which coach they will go with, and the coaches each get to try to convince the contestant to choose them. This process, obviously, is nothing like American Idol – what remains to be seen is whether or not it can keep my interest for two hours.

The Voice will air Tuesdays on NBC, beginning tonight at 9PM EST.

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