Wait a Second, Now They’re Remaking House Party?

House Party

Ryan Scott from MovieWeb has already stated that there’s not much in the way of information when it comes to just who is going to be cast in this remake of yet another classic that should have by all rights been left alone. You can’t help but shake your head every time you see an old movie being shown with the words ‘reboot’ or ‘remake’ next to it. A lot of this is starting to sound like a broken record, much as the actual products seem to be as they get released again and again to the big screen or to the small screen as series are being made out of them that either bomb horribly or somehow gain an audience that thinks that they’re worthy of attention. This time around though I’m seriously hoping that people won’t be fooled and that the oncoming movie won’t be exactly the same but can possibly recapture the same type of magic that the first movie did. That’s right, I’m a little hopeful at least in thinking that if the right cast is found that it could work. In a way it almost feels blasphemous to say that this movie could work without Kid ‘n Play, the old rap duo from the 80s and 90s.

As Borys Kit from The Hollywood Reporter has added, Calmatic, the director of the Old Town Road video that was so popular and still kind of is, will be making his big feature debut for this movie. Whether or not it’s going to be successful has a lot to do with how the story is going to go. If you ever saw the original you’ll know that it was all about the party and all about the wild night that Kid went through in the effort to actually get to the party. Looking back at it now there are bound to be quite a few scenes that might not make it into a modern-day movie, but hopefully that won’t be the case. There’s a lot of opportunity here to do something great since the story itself is actually quite entertaining and can be recreated in a number of ways that are both original and fun. But if it came down to doing the same exact thing in the same exact way, it’s bound to tank with those that have seen the original movies and therefore know what’s coming. If that happens you can imagine that a lot of people are going to be groaning with each new step revealed.

But let’s take a step back and hope that this won’t be the case. The story of House Party is open enough to change and alternate events that it could be reworked and redone in a way that might make it insanely appealing. It’s kind of obvious that Kid ‘n Play won’t be the stars of the movie and some of the main characters won’t be returning, if any of them do. But it would be great to see a cameo or two within the movie since it might liven it up and appeal to the older generation that helped to make the movies as popular as they became. In truth this comedy wasn’t something that was bound to be remembered by mass amounts of people, but it was good enough that it was talked about now and again by those that had seen it, and was spread by word of mouth, which used to be the best way to pass information.

What gives a lot of people hope is that according to Kourtnee Jackson of Cheat Sheet this won’t be a traditional reboot and it won’t be taking every last little thing that made the movie great and redoing it. The spirit of House Party is going to be there without a doubt, but the function and form of this movie is going to be pushing something new that fans will no doubt enjoy and find ultimately pleasing. As a fan of the first movie you can’t help but feel just a little defensive when you hear the single world ‘reboot’ since it tends to mean that someone is taking one of your favorite movies and doing something with it that might not be agreeable or even sensible. But thankfully it would seem that this movie is going to be something that we can enjoy and recognize but won’t have to worry about that much since Calmatic seems to be taking an approach that will satisfy just about everyone. If you didn’t like House Party to begin with then you shouldn’t be worrying too much anyway, but if you’re a fan of the original movie then it’s pretty obvious that you’d want to see something that’s going to honor the movie and make it obvious that Calmatic has broken the remake mold.

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