Wait a Minute: Another Fantastic Four Movie?

So don’t get all bent out of shape about another Fantastic Four movie coming out. You don’t need to worry, yet, about another potential stinker that might foul up an otherwise impressive legacy. So far no one has really nailed the Fantastic Four with perfect marks yet, but you have to admit that they’ve come close. The Human Torch’s attitude, the Thing’s look in the latest movie, and Sue Storm just being blonde and attractive are very good indications that they’re headed down the right path. Now if they could agree on Dr. Doom and a few other quirks and keep them straight things should work out alright.

But this idea isn’t about them.

Nope, this idea is about the Fantastic Four kids. Franklin and Valeria will be  the subject of this movie and the Thing and the Human Torch will be along for the ride. Maybe Sue and Reed needed some alone time finally. Whatever the case the kids will be the ones the movie focuses on and really they should be enough.

Franklin has been lauded as being one of the most powerful if not THE most powerful mutant ever born. Depending on what story and timeline is used he’s been able to create entire universes with but a flicker of his will. Whether or not they’re viable is up for debate, but this is a kid whose dreams used to come true in earlier comics, so you can guess that he’s pretty darn powerful. The only issue with it is that since he is a kid he can easily lose control and allow emotion to dictate his actions. When you’re able to alter reality in so many different ways that could be an extremely dangerous situation.

Valeria on the other hand is super-intelligent and predisposed to inventing things like her father and Dr. Doom. She can also create and manipulate force fields like her mother, and she can cancel out Franklin’s powers if need be. So really she’s just as powerful since she can calm her brother down or force him to back off if that ever becomes necessary.

There’s no word yet on just how the story will go but if you ever read a comic on the Fantastic Four, with the kids in it, then you’ll understand that there is a very messed up backstory when it comes to Valeria. She is supposedly the daughter of Sue Richards and Dr. Doom from an alternate timeline. The Fantastic Four, among the entire MCU, is definitely one of the most familiar with alternate time lines and how they can seriously mess up the present, past, or future. ┬áSometimes it seems that’s what their entire group is built to deal with.

But the movie should be able to find a starting point that’s stable enough to work from. Bringing in the Thing and the Human Torch is really more an add on to insure the safety of the kids and to remind people that this is a Fantastic Four movie, but from the perspective of the kids.


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