Walking Dead Actor Ross Marquand Does 17 Celebrity Impressions in Under 3 Minutes

While you may know Ross Marquand as the character Aaron (who mysteriously disappeared too many times on season 6) on The Walking Dead, you may not know that this guy is an incredible talent when it comes to doing celebrity impressions.   We already got a glimpse of Marquand doing a near perfect Matthew McConaughey, but that was only a fraction of what his true repertoire is.  Seriously, the only other people I’ve ever seen do something this impressive are Benedict Cumberbatch and Kevin Spacey.

Marquand happens to have an entire arsenal of celebrity nano-impressions.   To be exact, in the video above he doles out 17 of these tiny bits in under 3 minutes.  Personally I enjoyed watching him as Aaron Paul reacting to a fart and Antonio Banderas forgetting his password.  But the fact that this guy whips out John C. Reilly (and perfectly I might add) is just pure greatness.

Obviously the future of The Walking Dead is going to include plenty of characters dying out and disappearing.  But given the quality of this video I sincerely hope they keep Aaron on a little longer to entertain the folks of Alexandria with his impressive impression skills.  This is truly a treat.

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