The Walking Dead Meets Seinfeld

The Walking Dead is an amazing show. Dealing with the darkest aspects of humanity and post-humanity life, it is a show that you rarely walk away from in a good mood. It is just too intense. Seinfeld was also an amazing show. Dealing with the zaniest aspects of humanity, it is a lot like the anti-Walking Dead considering you do always walk away from Seinfeld feeling good. So what do you think your mood would be if The Walking Dead meets Seinfeld? Well, good news. You are about to find out.

Matin Comedy decided to make a mashup of what it would be like if The Walking Dead meets Seinfeld. I guess the best way I can describe it is jarring. Something about a laugh track being placed into a world that is so ruined just makes it all feel very surreal. That being said, it was kind of nice to see Shane and Rick shooting the breeze from before things went South for them (literally and figuratively). Also, quickly reminded us about the very strong feelings Shane had about women and light switches. Seriously, he has a whole theory, and he goes into it in depth.

This got us thinking, what other shows would we like to see mashed up? Maybe Sons of Anarchy and Facts of Life? Brady Bunch with SVU? Big Bang with MacGyver? Man, there are so many possibilities. We will tell you this. The Walking Dead meets Seinfeld is the best zombie show about nothing we have ever seen.

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