Want to See Baby Yoda Lighsaber Dueling With The Emperor?

baby Yoda

Here’s how crazy things are getting with baby Yoda at the moment: we’re now seeing clips in which the diminutive Force-user is being dubbed into regular Yoda’s place as he takes on Darth Sidious in a mock battle pitting the foundling in a duel in his carrier no less. Now obviously this is for amusement and it works on a few different levels, but it does raise a question as to how powerful baby Yoda is at this time. Man it would be great to give the kid a name so Yoda could take his back. But anyway, given that the kid has already stopped a rampaging beast before it could trample its supposedly temporary guardian, that kind of begs the question as to how powerful he could really be if he grows up and learns how to harness that immense power in a way that’s both focused and can be allowed to lean on the gathered wisdom of those that can teach him what to do with it. Sadly it does seem as though this isn’t bound to happen since baby Yoda would force a serious shift in the current Star Wars universe that’s been created and there would be hell to pay if he wasn’t given some explanation throughout the current canon as it pertains to just what happened to him. That either means that he’s going to be headed into exile eventually or something much worse, but at this time a lot of people don’t want to hear about it since baby Yoda is one of the biggest things around right now.

But taking on Darth Sidious in his supposed prime and being able to fling him around like this would be interesting, though the lightsaber battle is a bit much since it was likely folded in to appease the fans that love to see the ridiculous and out of control stuff that might otherwise be deemed a little too silly. But hey, silly is one of the many things that YouTube is for, right? If not for that quality we might not have some of the greatest videos that have ever been uploaded, and I do think I would miss the TRY channel since it’s the epitome of silliness. Anyway, onto the clips again. As Math Erao from CBR indicates it’s not likely that we’ll see baby Yoda taking up a lightsaber any time soon but it does kind of add to the hilarity of this bit since a lot of people were actually peeved about Yoda’s amazing acrobatics when it came to a lightsaber duel. But really, what did folks expect? Given that he comes up to an average person’s knees and has a seriously short reach, Yoda kind of has to do something that would enable him to deny others a reach advantage and keep them off balance enough for him to get inside their guard.

This fight actually brings up a lot of good points from episode three as we’re left to ponder just how strong baby Yoda could possibly be. For instance if you remember that Yoda was 900 years old when he finally became one with the Force you get the feeling that as powerful as he was, this kid might still rival him if he had an astute teacher that could guide him in the ways of the Force. That’s not all that likely really seeing how few Jedi actually survived Order 66, but it’s also enough to think about that Yoda might have a successor if the story can be given a decent enough ending and a reason why we might not have heard about him in the current canon. Just think of it, the Force could undergo a serious change in any new and upcoming Star Wars movies or TV shows if this little guy did survive and went into exile of some sort. It wouldn’t be beyond the realm of belief if such a thing did happen, as Yoda didn’t show up until The Empire Strikes Back and between that movie and episode three quite a few years had passed and apparently he’d been forgotten by many people at that time. So why can’t baby Yoda go into exile and emerge later on when the era of Skywalker is over? At that point he might be more powerful than Yoda could have ever been, especially if he goes off seeking wisdom of the Force.

It’s an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a couple days now and one that seems to make sense so long as the story for it doesn’t clash with the current canon. But it also seems like one that Disney would say no to largely because it’s THEIR way or no way. Oh well. Enjoying baby Yoda while he’s here will still be enough.

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