Warner Bros. EVP Jeff Goldstein Happy with ‘Suicide Squad’

While the critical reception for the film hasn’t been spectacular, the studio behind Suicide Squad is extremely happy with the movie’s first weekend in theaters.

In spite of the 25% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Suicide Squad had a wonderful opening weekend, bringing in $267 million worldwide while setting numerous box office records in the process (including passing 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy in some key categories). Speaking to the film’s success, Warner Bros.’ executive vice president of distribution Jeff Goldstein said, “It bested anything that we could have expected…The marketing campaign was brilliant, and the performances by the cast, starting with Will Smith, Margot  Robbie, and Jared Leto, were just extraordinary. They’re fun and wicked and fans enjoy it.” When pressed about negative reviews, Goldstein went on to say that “there’s a major disconnect between what the critics are saying and what the audiences are seeing.”

While Suicide Squad definitely has its fair share of flaws (not the least of which being its villain, something it shares with plenty of Marvel Studios films), the movie was an overall fun romp that progresses the DC Extended Universe in a very fun way while giving us some great new characters to work with in the process. We have no idea how Suicide Squad will fare in its second weekend, but, for now, the studio is happy with what the Skwad has accomplished.

Suicide Squad is now playing in theaters.

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