Watch Oprah Make a Grown Man Cry Just for Kicks

Were any of us waiting for the day that Oprah could make a grown man cry just for kicks? Even if you weren’t it’s still kind of entertaining when you realize the grown man is James Corden. Something tells me that James Corden can cry on demand pretty easily, though it’s not a matter that deserves anything but kind and amused laughter since Oprah does have a strange quality that she can use in order to make people cry. Perhaps it takes having a bigger heart and a more open mind to really be affected by it but some guys would no doubt just refuse to cry if she decided to try this with them. In fact some guys might even look at her funny and wonder just why she was rattling off children’s names.

Corden though is obviously not that kind of person. He’s waiting for it, he’s expecting it, but he still manages to cry. Something indicates that he’s one of the men in this world that is not fully ashamed to cry, basically not the old school ‘man’s man’ that thinks that crying isn’t allowed. That’s perfectly okay in this day and age and in fact it’s something that more and more people are willing to admit to. Those old dogs that still don’t want people thinking that they actually have emotions are the type that would likely sit on the couch with Oprah and look as though Corden’s display of emotion was making them physically ill or just completely frustrated. But at least Corden can tear up in public without seeming to care.

There is a quality that some people have that can allow them to make others cry without being aggressive or overly mean, it all has to do with their manner, their tone of voice, and the sincerity they put into each word. It’s a psychological effect that some folks have mastered and know how to operate without fail, but to others it’s almost like mysticism of the sort that people used to be burned at the stake for in the old days. Oprah wields this so easily that you might think she was born into it, but honestly she’s had a lot of years to practice this and has become exceedingly good at it. Those that come on her show and those that she visits are no doubt in awe of what she can do. Thankfully she likely doesn’t do it just for kicks unless it’s requested and she doesn’t mind. Being able to make someone cry just because you feel like it isn’t an admirable trait after all.

But Oprah, as everyone in the world who knows about her at this point, is not that kind of person and quite honestly she tries to not get people to cry now. Her whole goal is to get people to open up, to talk, and to discuss with her whatever topic she’s on, but crying still seems to be the thing to do around Oprah.

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