Watch Trey Parker and Matt Stone Crack Up in Sound Booth for Human Centipad

On the one hand I completely envy the lives of guys like Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  They’re millionaires.  They have access to everything Hollywood and yet their careers are based on making fun of the establishment.  It seems as though these two much have the most amazingly fun time making not only South Park but all of their films and plays.  But on the other hand I don’t think people realize how hard these guys actually work.  They make an episode of South Park every 6 days and have been doing so for over 20 years.  How they even manage to sleep let alone work on other projects is beyond me.

To be honest I’m not sure I’d want to switch places with these guys despite their seemingly glamorous lifestyles.  But I will say this.  There aren’t many people who get to have as much fun at work as these guys do.  Also, there aren’t many people who are great friends that actually get to work together.  So for that, I do envy them.

Watching Trey Parker and Matt Stone crack up in the sound booth for Human Centipad is about as infectious a laugh as I can imagine.  It’s nearly impossible to keep a straight face watching these two having an impossible time keeping a straight face.

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