We Cannot Wait to Play on the Sega Genesis Mini

Sega Genesis Mini

One might think we’ve been transported back to the 90s when the console wars really started heating up since at this time the mini-console wars are starting to take over where that conflict ended, if it ever did. A lot of people might not realize how old the console really is, but Jordan Miner of PCMag is here to remind us since the first consoles were out decades ago and swiftly gave way to newer and better gaming systems as the technology began to improve almost overnight at times. But then of course came the more competitive side of gaming, and as the demand for bigger and better games continued to rise, the companies making the consoles started to hone their craft and create an edge that would eventually knock a few contenders and wannabes out of the running as the big boys took over. Nintendo was definitely a dominant force for a while, but if anyone remembers, Sega came in and delivered a stiff body check that was not to be forgotten. While Nintendo had classic titles such as Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and a host of other games that were a great distraction for a generation that was quickly learning how to manipulate a joystick or controller. But then came Sega, and as we all know, Sega Genesis wasn’t too far behind.

Does anyone remember what the 16-bit games were like back then? Compared to the games of now they were blocky, they had a huge number of issues, and they were hard to follow at times since the cartridges had to be blown out every now and then thanks to dust collecting inside of them. But hey, it’s what we had and we made do. But now with these mini-consoles people no longer have to worry about dusty cartridges or big, bulky boxes that take up a great deal of space on top of the TV or on the stand or anywhere one wants to put it. Mansoor Mithaiwala from ScreenRant has already stated that this device can fit in the palm of your hand, has the old wired controllers that so many people were used to back in the day, and comes with 42 games on the console. Think about that, 42 classic Sega games that you might not have played in years but would still enjoy.

It does sound as though the console has a few glitches here and there, but nothing that will disrupt the function. If anything it would seem that any glitches within the game might be chalked up to programming issues that have been there for a long time and were simply kept as a part of the experience. Odd as that might seem it does bring back a bit of nostalgia since a lot of us can probably remember giving the cartridge an extra dusting, meaning you puffed your cheeks out and blew really hard into the interior, or you perhaps smacked the console once or twice to see if it worked. That might not be advisable when it comes to this one since apart from those minor glitches it’s bound to work just fine. The $80 price tag might turn some people off, at least until you remember that back in the day a Sega Genesis, by itself and perhaps with one game, could cost upwards of $120 and was a lot bulkier and less reliable at times. This system is coming with 42 games that are already installed and ready to go. Think about how much games cost these days and how much the consoles cost, WITHOUT a game, and you might get a little perspective.

Of course it might not be as popular with current gamers since the games on the Genesis are three decades old at least and aren’t the type that you can play online or purchase items for from a virtual store. But hey, that was entertainment when we were young and we were glad to have it. Yes I might sound like an old coot gumming away about the old days and how we were lucky to have anything, but given that the Sega Genesis was a huge leap forward in the gaming industry it at least needs to be acknowledged that the novelty of bringing this back could work for some people that, like myself, were gaming back before the internet had become a factor, when you had to earn the right to pick up the controller after you claimed “I got next”. Ah, those were the days, when you could be the ruler of the console solely due to the fact that you were the best player in the room. In terms of which mini is the best however it’s a matter of personal taste and choice since while the Sega Genesis did come in and ruin Nintendo’s day for a while, it’s kind of obvious who had the last laugh.

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