We Should All Aspire to Have the Strength Chrissy Metz Has

The world isn’t always kind to bigger people since the ideal of many is to be slim, sexy, and able to be classified as attractive in the eyes of nearly everyone that sees you. Chrissy Metz has challenged this view along with many others through history and it’s been seen thus far that the strength she possesses is more than enough to change minds and inspire others to greatness. Barbara Pavone from The List has gone into great detail about the route that Chrissy has taken to get where she is now, and the struggles she’s had to go through in order to make her life what she wanted it to be. Some might look at this and, rightfully, claim that they too have been through hard times in life and have been down to the point of having only change in their bank accounts, but while a lot of us have been down those hard roads there are still those of us, like Chrissy, that manage to luck out and grab onto those chances that are offered when the need to in order to push themselves back up.

You could say that lucky break has been working overtime for her since after Metz starred as the Fat Lady in American Horror Story: Freak Show, she really didn’t seem to have any prospects for awhile and was even considering moving home to start over. Her mother however was one reason why she didn’t do such a thing as she encouraged Chrissy to stay and keep pushing forward. When her role on This Is Us was offered it came with the caveat that she would have to lose weight to keep up with the development of her character. Some people might have found this to be highly insulting and even unfair, but instead Chrissy considered it to be a win-win since it was a job and it also offered the incentive of feeling better about herself and changing her life around a bit in order to keep pushing her reputation and career in the direction it needed to go. The downside as she’s put it about the show is that she had wear a prosthesis that made her look even bigger, but the upside of this was that it did help her to prioritize and realize just how she wanted to live, thereby allowing her to turn her life around in a big way.

As many people already know, This Is Us became the flagship of her career for a while since before this not many people knew who she was, and for an actor this is akin to being told you’re less than nothing in some ways. Landing her role on the show was something that helped her career to finally be propelled into the public eye in a manner that couldn’t be ignored and might have been seen as tragic at times but not nearly as macabre as her spot on AHS. The major difference of course is that on This Is Us she was seen as more of a person and less as a sideshow, thereby giving her leave to truly become the actress she is now. And of course that’s not where the rise stopped either, asĀ  Chrissy has been in the news a few times since and has been seen to climb through the ranks in recent years. One of the new movies that’s coming out soon, Breakthrough, is a good example of how far she’s come as she stars as a mother whose son falls into an icy lake and through the power of faith begins to recover. Chrissy has given herself over to her acting in such a way that it’s easy to feel the emotion that pours off of her and everyone else in the trailers for this movie, the sheer passion that she has for her craft bursting through as the strength she possesses is felt by those that watch.

Even more so was Chrissy’s debut as ACM awards not long ago as she took to the stage and belted out one song after another in a manner that had the entire place cheering for her along with her fellow singers and her fellow This Is Us costars that were in attendance. Zach Seemayer of ET covered this story in which Chrissy impressed the gathered artists and stood her ground with her fellow singers to impress the crowd and those watching at home, her voice rising high as she belted out each note perfectly and with absolute confidence. This goes to show that a person who feels that they have nothing to offer and thinks of quitting now and again can in fact turn things around and make a comeback that sees them not only become a success, but convince many upon many others that they have far more to offer than anyone believed.

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