Weapons from the Game of Thrones Books That Need to Be in the Show

So to be honest some of the weapons listed below have already been on Game of Thrones and been rather prominent. But in case you were wondering, this is going to be a list of weapons that are ABSOLUTELY NEEDED in the coming episodes since they’re so utterly destructive in the right hands. Sorcery, wildfire, and dragons are obviously some of the most potent weapons that could be added to anyone’s arsenal, not to mention the human weapons that number in the thousands, but in trying to keep this practical let’s focus instead on the weapons that are hand held and can be wielded by just about anyone with the proper amount of skill and knowledge of how to apply them. In the coming episodes after all things are going to get a bit dangerous, not to mention downright ice cold. But with the weapons below the odds might just be able to turn in the favor of the living. Winter is coming after all, and it’s best to be prepared.

Here are some of the weapons that need to be most present in Game of Thrones.

5. Lightbringer

The sword of Azor Ahai, the one that is destined to fight the Great Other, is a blade that can burn with an intensity that is supposed to be nothing sort of devastating. Stannis Baratheon was convinced by Melisandre that he was the one that would wield this blade, and yet thanks to his end on the battlefield that little deception was exposed. At this point it might be fair to say that Beric Dondarrion would be the perfect man for such a title and to wield such a blade, should he survive the destruction of the Wall as we saw in the final episode of last season. There’s no doubt that many fans are hoping for this.

4. Oathkeeper

One of the two swords forged from the original blade, Ice, that was the ancestral blade of House Stark, this sword went to Jamie Lannister, who likely didn’t deserve it but can put such a blade to good use. It was kind of disturbing to see how casually Ice was broken up into two separate blades, but Tywin Lannister knew very well that his own family did not possess Valeryian steel and was likely thinking to create two blades instead of one for a very specific reason. It’s a pity that he didn’t get to see just how the war would end, but then he did underestimate Tyrion at his peril. If you’ll remember though, Jamie did give this sword to Brienne, who’s put it to good use.

3. Longclaw

The sword given to Jon Snow by Jeor Mormont as a way to say thank you for saving his life from a wight, this blade is also of Valeryian steel. He’s already put it to good use against a White Walker, who was rightfully confused when Jon didn’t simply go down as others had. With the addition of a wolf’s head pommel added to the grip this blade is a formidable weapon since it can destroy wights and even White Walkers even quicker than fire can manage, putting them down for good with one hard swipe. His skill with the blade isn’t quite as good as a few others in the show, but Jon has proven he’s a survivor all the same.

2. King Robert’s Warhammer

There are a couple of characters in the show that might make good use of this weapon, if they were ever able to find it, but only one really comes to mind. Gendry has shown that he’s not much good with a sword but is great with a huge, bludgeoning weapon. This implement seems like it would be wasted with the Hound or even the zombified Mountain, but in Gendry’s hands, and with a little training, it could be absolutely lethal. Where he’s going to pop up in the series next though is anyone’s guess so seeing this weapon could be more of a dream and less of a reality since we’re bound to find out fairly soon.

1. Heartsbane

The sword that Samwell Tarley took from his family needs to pop back up in the series at some point since his theft of it really does need to come to fruition at one point or another. The fact that George R.R. Martin hasn’t managed to finish the series before the filming was done is kind of irritating since it leaves a lot of readers wondering just what’s going to happen next and how this epic is finally going to play out. But somewhere along the line it does feel as though Heartsbane needs to make an appearance, and it needs to be handled by someone that knows what they’re doing, which isn’t Sam.

In the war to come every last weapon is going to be needed, but those that can dish out a great deal of hurt to the enemy will be the most valuable.

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