What We’ve Learned from the New Outlander Season 3 Preview Clip

It’s an interesting show to be certain, and dramatic enough that it can pull even the most cynical and skeptical of minds into its folds. Outlander is a brilliant take on the subject of time travel and the drama that comes from falling in love with an individual from a completely different time period. Also, the parallels between the characters are so great that it binds the entire series together with a masterful stroke that makes the entire show actually enjoyable and even spellbinding in a way. The romance between Jamie and Claire is simply wonderful and the dynamic between Claire and Frank both in the 20th century and in the past is haunting in its own way.  Now that we’re about to enter season 3 however you have to wonder just how things are going to go.

Here are a few things you might have picked up from the season 3 trailer.

Jamie isn’t dead. 

Despite the horrendous battle that took place in the second season and the belief that Claire holds that Jamie has perished, he is still very much alive. It looks as though he’s in a bad way to begin with but he is very much alive. The only issue is, now that she knows he’s alive she still has no idea what he’s been doing since then. It’s accurate to say that unless someone has been deemed worthy of being placed in the history books that much if not all of their life will be considered unworthy of remembering by any save those closest to them.  Jamie obviously has done nothing of worth since the ending of the battle, which is reflected in the history books by his absence.

Jamie is not the same man he was. 

Jamie fully expected to die going into the battle of Calladen, and was not anticipating that he would be alive when all was said and done. That he is alive now is a rather big stumbling block for him as it means that he has nothing left. Claire is gone, his cause is over, and there is really nothing left for him to do but exist. He is in hiding during the third season and has lost all drive to do anything other than to just get by. Eventually it will take his family to really hammer home just what he needs to do and remind him of what is important.

Things are going to get awkward between Claire and Frank.

Frank and Claire are married in the 20th century, but Claire still pines for Jamie, as he is the type of unique personality that one meets only once in a lifetime. He is also the father of her child and the one man that she would do most anything for. Frank feels this and is unable to do anything to make it better, which will only make their situation worse.

Outlander season 3 will be coming out with a few more interesting plot twists and a great deal of romance geared to make viewers understand and empathize with Claire and Jamie as they continue their back and forth passage through time to make their lives complete.


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