What Can We Expect From Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Movie?

I’ll be honest, I forgot Kevin Feige was producing a Star Wars movie. Back when it was first announced, I believe it was back in 2019. I probably forgot about it because no news for further development on his film was released. That is, until very recently when it was announced that his Star Wars movie has found a writer. Micheal Waldron, the writer of Doctor Strange 2 and the showrunner and executive producer for the upcoming Loki series. When I heard the news, my first thought was actually “Wait, Kevin Feige is producing a Star Wars movie? That’s awesome!”. While we can’t watch Doctor Strange 2 or Loki yet, Waldron did have some writing involvement for Rick and Morty. If you have HBO Max and fell behind with it, now’s the time to catch up.

The point is, Waldron is not some rookie to the writing game. Sure, helming the writing for a Star Wars movie is a big step up, but if Kevin Feige hired him, that’s more than enough implication that he’s good for it. Plus, we do know that there is a season two of Loki coming. We don’t know if Waldron will have the same level of involvement as the first season, but clearly Marvel and Kevin Feige are confident enough in his work for the first season.

So should we be excited for Kevin Feige’s upcoming Star Wars movie? Here’s a better question. What exactly can we expect from a Star Wars movie produced by Kevin Feige? First of all, we can’t forget Feige’s strong connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s come a long way building the MCU and he’s worked with very many talented directors.

Now I can see some fans wanting Kevin Feige to direct his Star Wars movie. Let’s face it, that’s probably not the best idea. Kevin Feige is a producer and excels in that field. I’m not saying he can’t direct any movie ever, but for a first-time directors gig, a big Hollywood blockbuster isn’t the best choice. And let’s face it, we don’t need any further disappointments for future Star Wars movies. Okay, I’m still not over the Rise of Skywalker. Seriously, that very nearly shattered my faith in Lucasfilm, but at least they gave us The Mandalorian.

However, they still have a long way to go in order to win back their loyal fanbase. I will say that getting Kevin Feige to produce a Star Wars movie is a start. So they have a good producer and a good writer. Every great recipe needs the first good ingredients, but it also needs all the ingredients. That means it needs a great director and a great cast.

So where am I going with this? Well, after seeing his tremendous work with the MCU, I have a theory that he’ll find a former MCU director to helm his Star Wars movie. Heck, maybe he’ll corroborate with Taika Waititi on his Star Wars movie. How many MCU have there even been? We have the Russo Brothers, Jon Watts, Joss Whedon, Jon Favreau…. it’s a lengthy list. I’d personally get excited if Feige got any of these directors to helm his Star Wars movie. After what they’ve done with their Marvel movies, I’d say they’ve earned our trust.

So getting a great director is the next good ingredient, now let’s add on the next one. Who will be the lead in Kevin Feige’s Star Wars movie? Well, that actually all depends on the story he wants to tell. The great thing about the Star Wars universe is that it’s a place where all kinds of stories can be told. It can be about a Jedi warrior fighting to topple an Empire, a bounty hunter protecting a force-sensitive child, or a squadron of rebel pilots. It’s a fun universe to play with and it’s probably the most diverse.

This is the kind of fictional universe Kevin Feige can do many things with. I think it’s also important that we look at where he’s currently taking the MCU. For one, we know that he’s working on adding more diversity to the MCU. In fact, that’s been Kathleen Kennedy’s goal for Star Wars ever since she became President of Lucasfilm. However, the difference between them is how they implement that diversity.

Now I have to say that diversity is important for these movies. Absolutely. I’m one-hundred percent on board for that. However, when Kevin Feige does it, it actually works. When Kathleen Kennedy does it, it feels forced. All you have to do is look at the poor character development of Finn and the recent interviews with John Boyega confirms it. Diversity is good and it’s needed, but when it’s forced, that defeats the purpose.

That’s why Kevin Feige is better suited to produce a Star Wars movie. We also need to remember that he actually threatened to quit Marvel if there were no female-led movies. We’ll take some girl power for Star Wars, but please let it be better than Rey’s development. Rey started out as a great character, but by the time Rise of Skywalker came around, she became that Mary Sue so many fans claimed she was from the beginning. If you want a great female lead, look at characters like Black Widow, Wonder Woman, or even Cara Dune in the Mandalorian.

Heck, let’s compare Captain Marvel to Rey. The critical difference between them is that Rey was just good at virtually everything she did. Sure, she was a scavenger for many years, so we can accept that she’s a fighter, but sailing a boat in terrible waters when she grew up on a planet that’s all sand? Yeah, no. Captain Marvel at least began as a soldier and spent several years training on the Kree home world. We even got to see a montage of her struggling and then getting back up to challenge herself. We never got to see that with Rey and that’s where her character development failed.

Speaking of Captain Marvel, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kevin Feige wanted her in his movie. What’s cool about Brie Larson is that she’s a massive nerd, and I mean that in a good way. After all, we’re all Star Wars and Marvel fans, so that makes us nerds by definition, right? You know what? Don’t mind what other people say. It’s not a bad thing. Star Wars and Marvel are freaking awesome.

Brie Larson is a big gamer and a huge Star Wars fan. It helps to be a talented actor, which she is, but if you’re a fan of the material, that’s even better. Not saying she has to be a fan, but it does help. Let’s say she does work with Kevin Feige on his Star Wars film. The kind of role she can play can mirror Captain Marvel or it can be an entirely different one.

She can be a Jedi or a soldier. I’ll even take a character similar to Iden Versio from Battlefront 2. I can see her as the awesome squad leader of an elite squad of imperials hunting down rebels. Will she turn to fight for the good guys? Probably, but we need to see that kind of character spend more time being a rebel hunter. In other words, it would be a live-action story of Battlefront 2 down better.

What are your thoughts, Star Wars fans?

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