What Has Maddie Poppe Been Up To Since American Idol?

Maddie Poppe

Being a new hit star and being on fire with your album supposedly is great and all, but someone should have told Maddie Poppe that if you really want to be seen as a celebrity that loves the fans you might not want to call America dumb in a tweet for not voting the way you thought they should. The former American Idol winner has been something of a controversial character since it was announced that she wouldn’t be singing her single for the finale of the show and the fact that they didn’t give her album a shout out. That last part seems like a snub to be sure, but at the same time it seems as though it might be better to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to American Idol and put them in the rear view once your career starts going. Expecting AI to at least give her a shout out and possibly a chance to sing in the finale as other stars have done isn’t a big deal since it should be considered an honor for the show. But for Poppe to throw the kind of shade she’s been giving the show recently it would seem that she’s not the type to simply move on and not stress over it.

Kayla Keegan of Good Housekeeping has even written that people have flocked to Poppe’s cause when it comes to badmouthing Idol, a cause that was made even stronger apparently when the Dodgers decided to let her sing the national anthem AND gave her album a shout out. If there was any way to throw more gas on that particular fire then that had to be it. Unfortunately there had to be something more going on behind the scenes that gave way to this since it would seem that in the past American Idol has always been pretty good to its winners, and this is entirely out of character for the show to be honest. Whatever could have happened so far isn’t being revealed, but it’s been seen that Poppe has been doing her own thing since winning and hasn’t been having a rough go of it as some articles would like you to think.

Patrick Ryan of USA Today has even indicated that Poppe can’t really talk about what’s going on between her and Idol which seems to indicate that if she did she might either be in breach of a contract or realizes she might get torn apart and have to watch her fledgling career suffer for it. Most folks that have a serious beef with a show like American Idol don’t stay quiet this long and tend to let out just enough steam to let people around them know what’s going on. But given that she wants her career to continue, as it should without any hesitation, it seems fair to say that she’s going to stay quiet about it unless American Idol tips their hand and lets the truth about this issue out. That doesn’t seem bound to happen anytime soon since so far things have been rather bumpy between Poppe and Idol but nothing has really come of it yet.

So far it seems as though her career is going along just fine as she’s been performing and creating tracks on a fairly steady basis. The fact that there’s so much flak coming up about this issue between her and Idol seems to originate more with the fans than with her at this point since a lot of people are willing to bleat like sheep over an issue that has little to nothing to do with them since it takes them away from their own lives and allows them to pretend that their words will matter. The truth of it is that whatever lies between Poppe and Idol could be something that is far more complicated than anyone knows and is just as much her doing as it is the show. American Idol after all is a program that is designed to take the best singers that America can find and allow them to bring their skills to the stage in a way that allows them to not only perform at their very best, but to win the chance to do so on a grander stage than they’re used to and in a manner that will allow them to become big stars in their own right.

The point here is that Maddie won, she had her career set to go and still does, so being snubbed by American Idol might hurt, but usually with snubs there’s a reason behind them that justifies such behavior. Even if there isn’t her career is great enough at this point in her life that simply turning her back on the show for the time being until things settle down shouldn’t be a hardship. But listening to the fans, that’s where the issue seems to really lie.

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