What is Gonoodle?

It’s so easy to say ‘when we were kids we didn’t have these fancy things’ because it’s true. We didn’t have programs like GoNoodle since a lot of us didn’t even have computers in our classrooms. And if we did back in the 70s and 80s they were those huge, clunky things that required almost every inch of desk space we had and couldn’t compute even a fraction as fast as the devices we have now. In terms of what we used for school computers didn’t really start seeing any massive upgrades until the 90s, but the technology was still miles and miles away from what it is now. GoNoodle is not a new PC, but it is a program that was devised for classrooms dealing with kids from Kindergarten to the 5th grade.

This program is another way for kids to learn in a dynamic and engaging manner that allows them to get up and move about at their desk in a way that gets them motivated and allows them to feel as though they’re actually doing something other than sitting all day learning things that they’re not entirely interested in. It doesn’t take much for a teacher to download this program as the process is free and can be used right away once it’s installed. Even better is that it’s more than just the movement-based learning that takes place, GoNoodle uses exercise science and research that makes this a very healthy and beneficial way for kids to learn and a way to actually keep their interest level fairly high. It’s likely that we can all remember a few times in our lives when we were young and didn’t want to sit in the classroom. It was boring, the things we were learning weren’t that interesting to everyone at the same time, and above all we just wanted to go outside and have a good time.

The only problem with all-day recess of course would be that we wouldn’t learn anything since we would have been having too much fun to really pay attention. GoNoodle has been designed to engage kids in various activities that help them learn and allow them to have fun with it at the same time. Another great part of the program has to do with the aforementioned problem of the material not being interesting for everyone involved at the same time. Since a lot of teacher see different classes each day they can design a GoNoodle game for each class so that they can customize it in a way to that class and therefore avoid the problem that might occur from trying to teach one group of students as they would another.

All a teacher need is a PC that’s up to date and has a strong internet connection, and of course a projector or interactive white board that the whole class can see, and everything else is up to the program. A lot of people can no doubt imagine that if a number of us had experienced such a thing back in our school days we might have been a little more enthusiastic about school on the average and might have even been excited to go back. Of course after 5th grade the program kind of stops being quite as useful but for six years at least a kid can learn how to find motivation in going to school that can be built upon so that they have a new love of learning that can carry over to their later years. That’s one of the goals of education after all, to make sure that kids actually WANT to learn and are excited about what comes next. This program can give them that measure of enjoyment they might need in order to really get somewhere in their school career and possibly in life.

If you watch the clip below you’ll find out just what GoNoodle is about, and you might even want to recommend it to your kid’s school if they haven’t heard of it already. There’s not a lot that goes into this as it’s just another way for kids to learn and a method that schools can use in order to get them on board with learning and keep them excited for the process to continue. As a lot of us can probably recall school wasn’t always so engaging, we really had to work at it and physical activity was segregated into Physical Education and nowhere else. This allows the kids the chance to actually wake up in class before or after the start of the day and gets them moving so that they can enjoy what they’re doing rather than drag themselves through it as a lot of us can recall happening. Don’t deny it, some of you probably fell asleep during the morning hours.

The 10 Most FAQs about GoNoodle

GoNoodle uses an ever-increasing series of fun and educational videos to help students in schools and at home to get active and learn while developing social and emotional awareness and skill sets. The programs they offer integrate both education and movement so that students are getting more out of their classroom time each day. In addition to exercise and brain building, GoNoodle also focuses on mindfulness to help teach kids about better social behavior. The multitude of useful aspects that increase overall student wellbeing and focus makes GoNoodle essentially peerless. No other program out there is as inclusive or thoughtful in the way it targets the audience, and it is trusted by more than half a million educators.

1. What does GoNoodle cost?

The basic GoNoodle experience is free. They do not push you to have friends sign up, and free access is not a limited time offer. No credit card required ever. There is a more advanced version called GoNoodle Plus that is mostly for teachers who want to align the GoNoodle program with their core teachings. The Plus program is just under a hundred dollars a year, or $10 a month for teachers to have unlimited access. GoNoodle Plus has interactive learning games and provides twice as many videos for students. There are a hundred or more questions and you can customize questions on quizzes for students. There are a hundred printables that can be used as learning extensions and students can access GoNoodle at home.

2. How do Brain Breaks improve learning?

Studies show that taking a kinesthetic brain break every half hour or so helps improve focus and learning. Physical movement increases blood flow, reduces fidgeting and help alleviate boredom. These short breaks also allow for the development of social skills and an increase in vital creativity. This potent combination helps students to more completely learn any given subject.

3. How do you incorporate in classrooms?

Classroom integration should be a straightforward process. Teachers sign up for the service and immediately receive access. Very little is required for connectivity. Broadband service, currently updated browsers and a screen the students can see in order to participate. With GoNoodle Plus the printables and videos integrate seamlessly into core curriculum with very little effort on the part of educators, just some minimal planning.

One of the nicer aspects of GoNoodle is that it has been designed for long term engagement. Students learn along with their chosen Champ. They will work together to level up the mascot over time. Each activity is based on scientific research. The content may seem silly on the first inspection, but that silliness is targeting specific and beneficial areas of a developing brain.

4. How can parents use it at home?

Using GoNoodle at home is as easy as using it in a classroom or on the go. Simply select an appropriate activity and watch. GoNoodle will handle the rest. Choose a morning dance or yoga routine to get your kids moving for a great start to the day. After school, you can use GoNoodle breaks to help your kids get more out of homework time. You can connect to the GoNoodle blog for ideas as well.

5. What does mindfulness do for kids?

When it comes to mindfulness there is a growing pool of scientific data that shows it helps kids and adults in many ways. Mindfulness improves attention and reduces feelings of stress. It teaches emotional regulation and increases awareness about the needs and feelings of others. Improved empathy and a better understanding of compassion help with social interactions. This all leads to better overall wellbeing and surprising mental health benefits.

6. Can I use this in more than one class at a time?

The short answer is yes. GoNoodle for teachers is designed to allow you to use the program regardless of how many different classes you may teach. It was designed as a tool for educators and ease of access is part of what makes GoNoodle so highly acclaimed and sought after. School administrators can also easily get ahold of GoNoodle to see about giving access to all the teachers they employ.

7. What happened to the Champs?

In 2017 GoNoodle made the difficult decision to let go of the Amp Your Champ feature. Though many found it disappointing, the team cites their commitment to ongoing excellence as the reason for the discontinuation. The feature was more complicated and required more technology and greater internet speeds than many classrooms and children had access to, so unfortunately it was removed.

8. How was GoNoodle developed?

Scott McQuigg, who is the CEO and a co-founder of GoNoodle has reported that it was extensively tested with teachers over half a year. The founders saw a sharp increase in screen time kids participate in and instead of trying to discourage this, they embraced it and turned it to a more comprehensive and healthy style of learning. The methods and ideas the system as a whole and the individual activities are based on has years of scientific data to fall back on as well.

9. How can I donate access?

You can contact GoNoodle directly for information on purchasing or donating Plus access to schools in your area. In many places, this has already been accomplished and may be unnecessary. For example, Mercy Health-Toledo, who is on a mission to help students get more active, donated the premium version of GoNoodle to 249 schools in several counties.

Naturally, there are plenty of places where local schools still lack this access, but the recognition GoNoodle has gotten nationally has certainly increased these sorts of generous donations nationally. If you are an administrator seeking to make a larger purchase, GoNoodle does have discounts for circumstances like these.

10. How many schools use GoNoodle?

Roughly 40% of the elementary schools in the USA are already using GoNoodle. It certainly says something when a program is so inexpensive and accessible that nearly half of the target audience already has it. Over 600,000 teachers have incorporated the activities provided by GoNoodle into their classrooms.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know a bit more about GoNoodle and how it improves children’s lives, it’s worth checking it out yourself. Whether you are a parent or an educator, there are plenty of benefits, and since it’s free to try it out there’s no real commitment if you decide to see what all the fuss is about. GoNoodle is fast becoming a go-to in early education, and it’s not hard to see why at all.

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