Swamp People: What is R.J. and Jay Paul’s Family Secret?

swamp people

When it comes to tracing alligators and changing lives, there are a few things that matter and a few that don’t. When it comes to Swamp People, what matters most is a good start. When Tory realizes that his bad start is not going anywhere anytime in the near future, he has to do whatever he can to ensure he is able to change his luck and get to turning his good luck into reality. He’s got tags to fill and he is looking to get some help from Daniel Edgar’s family to make that a reality. Unfortunately, there are too many things that could go wrong in this plan, and he has to deal with those as they come.

It seems that Gee and Frenchy have hit a bit of bad luck as well. They have a plan, but it will not work for them if they are unable to bring it to fruition, and that means that there is a bit of bad luck to consider. Will they be able to turn their snag around and make sure they’re able to change the way things are working? What’s most interesting, though, is the fact that R.J. and Jay Paul are able to reveal something no one ever knew about them. Their family secret is a big deal, but what is it? Will it be something that helps them out or turns the tables on their desire to be successful?

Be sure to check out Swamp People Mondays at 9 pm on History

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