What it Really Means When an Actor Says They’re Up for Playing a Role Again

Quite often we hear actors saying that they would be up for playing a certain role again if all the different variables lined up, and as you might guess from the picture above this is true of Ralph Fiennes and his role as Lord Voldemort. The actor has actually stated that he has an affinity for the character and would be kind of possessive about playing him again if the moment ever came up. At this time it would seem that the Fantastic Beasts movies aren’t going to be able to showcase the character in the form that so many fans came to recognize since the series will be culminating around the end of WWII, but if circumstances were just right then it’s likely that Fiennes would be happy to take up the role again.

This is what actors usually mean when they say such things, even if there’s no chance in hell that it will ever happen. It’s nice to think that a lot of actors care this deeply about the roles they made possible but it’s also just as likely that when they say they’d love to do it again that the timing, the money, and everything else would have to line up just perfectly or it won’t happen, ever. For instance, the likelihood that Hugh Jackman would ever take up the role of Wolverine against isn’t likely but some think that he could be enticed into such role if he was offered enough and if the film was done in a manner that made sense and offered a great script with great characters. While it’s one of the more unlikely scenarios since Logan pretty much summed up the fate of the character, there’s more than enough magic between the movies and the comics to make something happen.

Another good example for the longest time was Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Conan movies. So many people wanted to see another Conan movie with Schwarzenegger that it finally seems to be on the verge of being made into a reality since the former governor of California is now excited to do it. Timing and money are just two of the many variables that have to align to make such things happen, but if one little piece is out of whack then it tends to throw the whole idea off and the likelihood that an actor would want to continue the role is a given, but whether or not they’ll be able to is entirely uncertain. The desire is the only part we can count on since a lot of actors, upon saying such a thing, mean it quite literally and aren’t just talking to hear their voice. Some actors do in fact fall in love with the roles they play or at least gain a great affinity towards them and become kind of possessive. A good fictitious example of this can be found in American Horror Story: Roanoke. Yes it’s not the best season but it did feature Kathy Bates as a very delusional and unbalanced actress that took her role as the Butcher so seriously that her character was actually banned from the fictional set. The season wasn’t all that great but her character was since the moment she put on the garb of the Butcher she was completely dedicated to the role and went berserk when her character was told that she wouldn’t be coming back for another season. While it’s all fiction that is, in a way, how some actors feel about their roles, though thankfully none seem to have taken things to such a terrifying level.

It is nice though to hear that actors do take their work somewhat seriously and grow fond of the characters they play in a manner that they feel somewhat possessive while still being able to ground themselves in reality. This makes it kind of obvious that when they state the desire to play the character again they’re being quite serious, and it does ignite the imaginations of many upon many fans. Going back to Ralph Fiennes and Voldemort it stands to reason that being able to see Voldemort create his own conflict within the wizarding community would be nothing short of epic and it would definitely be a call to reinstate Fiennes and put him back in the role. Whether or not Rowlings will ever sign off on a story like this or if she has something waiting in the wings is hard to tell, but it would be something that the fans would likely froth at the mouth to hear since so many that revere the Potterverse are always waiting to hear anything and everything that might be making its way to the theater.

One thing that’s certain is that if an actor states that they would like to play a role again if the moment came along you can believe a good number of them.


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