What Really Happens in the Fantasy Suites on The Bachelor?

It seems that just about everyone in the country has either seen or at least heard of the hit reality television show The Bachelor. This is one of those shows where both men and women can live vicariously through the escapades of others as they search for real and lasting love. Most of this happens in full view of the camera for the world to watch and dissect. Who is he actually going to choose? Why did he keep her on the show? These questions and more follow the show around and keep it coming back year after year. One of those times that the camera does not always catch, however, is what takes place in the Fantasy Suites. Here is a review of what actually happens in there.

What is the Fantasy Suite?

There are times when two people just need to be together, alone, in order to get to know one another better. How can you truly decide who you want to spend the rest of your life with if you are in full view of the camera and millions of television viewers all the time? That is why the Fantasy Suite was created. To be clear, this suite appears on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It is a time for the star on the show to get to know various contestants even better, away from the full view of the camera that follows them around for most of the show. The question that viewers have always had is what really happens in there. Everyone has their suspicions, but the show does not reveal much. Continue reading to discover what really happens in those fantasy suites.

Sex Can and Does Occasionally Happen

The purpose of the fantasy suite is for two people to get to know each other better. They are alone. In fact, this is the first time on the show when the star and a contestant can actually be alone with each for the entire evening. The suite is set up so that virtually anything can happen. Apparently, it does. Viewers do not actually see what goes in there, but they do end up getting some hints by comments that are later made on the actual show. Those hints reveal that sex does happen. Of course, it could be just high school rumors that float around, but we have since found out that those rumors are true.

It has been said that contestants who are able to and are willing to get intimate with the star in the fantasy suite will have an advantage as the show goes on. This would seem to make sense, as that is a likely indicator of who the star will actually end up wanting to marry. We do not know for sure what happens, but some contestants have later revealed just what does take place when the cameras are not around. In fact, some contestants have even let it be known that condoms are not provided. This is a bit surprising because we know that the entire suite is set up for intimate encounters, so the producers must know what is going to happen. Perhaps they expect the contestants and star to come prepared themselves?

Great Conversation

Beyond sex, the Fantasy Suite is also a place where the two adults can just be themselves for once. There is nobody to cater to. There are no rules and there is no need to perform for the camera. Because of this, we have been told that some great private conversations actually take place in the Fantasy Suite. This is a great time for the two to just relax, have a glass of wine, and pour out their souls for one another. The star can really take the time needed to get to know the individual who has been invited into the suite in the first place. While we would all probably love to know what is talked about there, some things are just better left in confidence.

In essence, it should be said that Fantasy Suite is not all about sex. In fact, we have learned that many of the contestants never have sex in there. However, it is noted that the experience in the suite is largely personal and relational in nature. It is a great feature of the show that will likely not go away any time soon.

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