What We Can Expect From The Blacklist Season 8

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Since it first appeared on TV The Blacklist has been able to keep people guessing and with seven seasons in the bag it’s hard to believe that they’re still bound to keep people in the dark as much as they have been, and keep them entertained at the same time. For a story that might have felt like it would have a definitive end more than once, this particular tale has been ongoing for a while and has continued to roll out one surprise after another as James Spader has continued to keep us all on the tips of our toes hoping and praying that what we’ve already discovered might not be true or might be the absolute truth. It’s hard to tell since the story has definitely twisted a few times until it’s hard to know which way is up or down. But as much as Liz’s world has been turned upside down and as much as might still remain to be unveiled it’s fun to think that there’s enough yet to come that people are going to continue to be hooked while loving every second of it. Thanks to Britt Lawrence of CinemaBlend and several others there are a few things that we might want to watch for in season 8.

Red’s real identity is finally revealed.

People have been wondering who the hell Red is for the duration of the show at this point since there are numerous clues and truths that make it hard to accept anything else, but if he did turn out to be Raymond Reddington after all this time it wouldn’t be too much of a shock, would it? There is that twin theory after all that a lot of people have been harping on, and it could carry enough validity to it that the mythology of the show might be able to allow it to happen. It would make sense as to why he’s been keeping his identity on the down low for so long, especially given all that’s happened to date.

Liz is aware of who Red is.

There are plenty of shows in which one of the main characters remains absolutely clueless when everyone else, especially the audience, knows who’s who, but considering the type of character that Liz is playing it might be that she knows who Red is and is keeping her mouth shut for a good reason. In a show that has as many secrets and plot twists as this one the players are usually trying to stay a few steps ahead of everyone else, which means things are held in reserve as much as possible in order to avoid overplaying one’s hand. Also, given the feud between Liz and Red at this point it does make a lot of sense for her to keep something in her pocket that could come in handy.

The real Katarina Rostova is already dead.

Remember what I just said about people holding things back, and now think that if this happened to be the real Katarina. Plus, the idea that Red is usually fairly honest about things when he’s asked in a direct manner. Of course you could say that there’s an exception for just about everything, especially when it comes to Red. But overall the whole idea of the flashbacks and this woman that’s been seen in the series don’t really match, though of course this could be because flashbacks aren’t always as accurate as people would like them to be. This is yet another piece of the biological puzzle to figure out.

Red turns out to be Liz’s biological father.

It would explain a lot to be certain, but it would also raise a lot of other questions that are hard to answer as well. But going the extra mile for someone that you don’t know and have no obligation towards is tough for the average individual, but for someone like Red it just feels out of character. Plus, the level of forgiveness he’s shown her throughout the series is also telling since not a lot of people would let such betrayals go without some form of revenge. That would essentially make it appear that we’ve been guessing at the truth since the beginning, all while thinking that it was too simple and was thrust in our faces for no better reason than to make us believe it.

And last but not least, Tom could still be alive.

Come on, can you really dispute this one that much? This was no eyes-on event, so the audience didn’t see Tom dying any more than Liz did, which means in TV-speak that he could very well be alive and kicking somewhere at the moment. If he did make it he had ten months to disappear and stay hidden, which he’s obviously not too terrible at. Or it could be that Red is holding him prisoner, which would be just as effective. Unfortunately Natalie Abrams of Entertainment Weekly might helped to nail the coffin shut on this theory.

If even one of these came true it would feel like vindication for watching the show for so long.

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