What We Know about John Wick: Chapter 4 So Far

John Wick Chapter 4

You might be thinking it’s a bit early to be thinking about a release date for John Wick for but as Chris Agar from ScreenRant and a lot of others are likely excited to share the release for the next chapter in the Wick saga is bound to hit theaters in 2021. So to be quite honest it’s not just around the corner, but it’s not exactly far down the line either. At this point with the movies that have been coming out and the fact that the bar keeps getting raised for entertainment it’s hard to imagine just how awesome John Wick 4 is going to have to be in order to match or possibly top the third movie.

As far as who’s in it the question is one that Clark Collis of Entertainment Weekly has seen fit to answer with a few picks that a lot of people might be able to agree with seeing as how the first three movies have been so out of control, crazy, and absolutely amazing that it could probably star just about anyone and make it just as great. The additions of Anjelica Huston and Halle Berry were nothing short of brilliant for the third film, and the mere fact of having Ian McShane in the films was brilliance on a level that doesn’t get much better. Adding in Laurence Fishburne was another stroke of genius and to be honest, each person that’s showed up in these films has belonged there without a doubt. As the idea rolls along it’s going to be interesting to see who’s going to get added to the cast since some of the characters have obviously been retired but others are still around and kicking and should be given the chance to do something else within the John Wick series that will cement their legacy within this film and make them that much greater for it.

What it’s about isn’t going to be much of a question, it’s going to be more like what plot elements are going to be introduced in the next film that we really need to wonder about. Since John has pretty much made a run through the city killing as many assassins as have come against him and Winston and the adjudicator are now both supposedly standing against him, the Bowery King is the only real ally he has left that’s in any mood to help him out. Vagrant assassins versus hired thugs that are both ominous and all too obvious seems to be the making of a movie that might very well let the streets run red once the real fight gets started. The fact that John is relying upon people he was once sent to kill is an interesting plot, but thinking that Winston truly betrayed John is another one since it stands to reason that Winston knows very well what John is capable of and that if he’s alive he’ll be coming for him, and nothing on earth will stop him if he’s truly motivated.

A lot of people are going to be talking about this for the next couple years and as Alexia Fernandez of People has already written the director has claimed that there will be no happy ending. But with John Wick did you really think there was going to be one? There will be an ending, that much is easy to agree on, but who’s going to be standing at the end is still in question since the High Table isn’t going to be likely to stop until they get what they want and even then there’s a good chance that John will still be too much of a liability to keep loose by the time he’s run through whoever is in his way. At this point it might be worthwhile to say that he could possibly come for the High Table since despite having a seemingly infinite number of killers on their payroll it would seem that, per the second movie, they’re not invulnerable and they’re a little too arrogant to really think that Wick can’t reach them. The Bowery King and his vagrants are standing proof that there’s really no safe ground anywhere in the city, and given that the assassins seem to run thick in these movies there’s not a lot of hope for those that are thinking that they’re beyond the reach of a bullet or a knife at any given time. Where there’s a lack of trust there’s always an opportunity, and it would almost seem as though Wick might take full advantage of this in the next movie, if only to die as Winston said he should, a man who was loved, or remind everyone why he’s the best killer on the payroll.

The waiting game has started, and it’s only going to get harder.

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