What We Know about Killers of the Flower Moon So Far


Well, as of now we know what the movie is focusing on and who’s going to be in it, but other than that Killers of the Flower Moon has no set date for release yet and production hasn’t quite fired up. What we can say is that the movie will be focusing on the rising prominence of the FBI and the murders of several Osage Native Americans that discovered oil under their land. The movie will also be a return of Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio as costars since they haven’t been seen together on screen since their time on This Boy’s Life when De Niro played DiCaprio’s abuse stepfather. It does sound as though pre-production will start this coming November, which might give the movie a 2020 or 2021 release date depending on how things go. According to Alan B. Orang of MovieWeb, Martin Scorsese has already spoken to Osage Nation’s Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear about the project, and it does sound as though the Chief is in agreement that this movie could bring a bit of prosperity to the area.

As it’s been relayed by Samantha Vicent of Tulsa World the people of Osage Nation are quite ready to participate as much as possible in order to give a good representation of their culture and way of life in order to further enhance Scorsese’s movie. It’s quite uplifting really to think that Scorsese, who has created absolutely stunning visuals and in some cases very dramatized content, would agree to depict the people of Osage Nation in a good light. Some might say that he doesn’t have much choice but it’s also important to think that it’s absolutely necessary to get things right and make certain to depict a culture correctly. There might be moments that are less than complimentary if people are willing to be honest, but overall the accuracy is the important part, and the ability to showcase the people of Osage Nation is paramount since it will likely help to carry the movie in a big way. De Niro and DiCaprio’s involvement will help to push the interest in the movie, but it will likely be the adherence to custom and culture that will make this movie into something other than another Scorsese flick.

It almost feels sacrilegious to say such a thing since Scorsese has created many great movies throughout his career, but at the same time there have been those that stand out and those that are allowed to slip into the background to escape notice for a while. He’s never been shy in pushing his movies and has gone to great length to show life as he wanted to show it, as in Gangs of New York and Taxi Driver, when he took the history and very mixed culture of the city and created something that seemed almost too savage to believe. Both movies depicted a city that was held together by very little in the past and in some cases still is from a certain perspective, and yet pulls together despite differences when it’s absolutely needed. It’s fair to say that New York has been Scorsese’s playground, but that hasn’t kept him from moving away from the big city to take on other stories. He’s been seen to base his films in many different locations, one of the most interesting being South Boston, in which DiCaprio played the part of Billy Costigan in The Departed. One thing Scorsese has done quite well throughout his film career is show the corruption and vice that goes on behind the scenes of any situation.

Killers of the Flower Moon is another movie that shows yet another conspiracy that has to do with greed, avarice, and the kind of negative emotions that are associated with wealth and power. This is an arena that Scorsese has directed from behind the camera more than once, and it’s one that he knows quite intimately and has mastered in a very big way. In that vein it would seem that the movie is going to feature a few different twist that people won’t see coming, and a few bits of dramatization that aren’t going to be expected. While the story might take precedence over reality at some points it’s easy to think that those of the Osage Nation that are watching on in approval and expectation will likely say yea or nay to what Scorsese is doing, and he might listen simply to get things as accurate as they can be. In the end though the movie is going to come out as he wants it to, and it’s easy to assume that it will be along the lines of agreement or compromise that has been reached with those of the Osage Nation who have consented and guided him along the way. It could be interesting.

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