What We Know about Marvel’s Helstrom TV Show So Far


So what we know as of now, according to John Atkinson of ScreenRant, is that Marvel’s Helstrom is still coming to TV even after it seems to have been languishing about in development hell for so long. It almost sounds as it was initially going to incorporate Ghost Rider as well, but when the spirit of vengeance was taken off the bill things seemed to be up in the air. The show is still coming however, but like any Marvel hero or villain that’s being introduced, Helstrom is going to suffer slightly initially simply because unless a person is knowledgeable about the character it’s easy to assume that they won’t know what they’re seeing or what his importance is to the Marvel universe.

This is yet another character that, had he and his sister been included earlier on, might have had more to do with the entire Infinity Saga since quite honestly he’s a pretty heavy hitter. As a super-powerful individual he has the capacity and the ability thanks to his dark heritage, he’s the son of a demon after all, to be a true terror to those that can’t withstand what he has to offer. His sister Ana has roughly the same power set but despite their dark origin they decided to use their powers to serve justice to those that would seek to harm others. It’s going to be interesting to see just how this show plays out considering that the MCU is now starting to bring a lot more of the supernatural into its ranks as it started with Doctor Strange and has been applying the metaphysical aspects of the universe to the story lines in a big way. Moving forward it does seem as though this could possibly change the face of the entire franchise since up until this point a lot of it has been based around characters such as Iron Man and Captain America that have been attempting to ground the MCU in science and a hint of realism that’s paired with the fantastical and fictitious elements that have made the Marvel universe so popular for so long.

Magic has been prevalent in the Marvel universe for quite a while and despite the fact that science and magic tend to go hand in hand now and again it’s actually another facet of the universe that’s refreshing since no matter how long it’s been around we’ve seen the science quite a bit more than we’ve seen the magic. With the emergence of Doctor Strange and a few other characters however the lean towards the magical aspect of the MCU has been coming out in a much bigger way. You could say it began when Nicolas Cage took on the role of the Ghost Rider, but a lot of people still want to forget those movies no matter that they weren’t so entirely horrible that they need to be buried in the past. With Helstrom it seems as though we might be getting a character that’s more akin to the Punisher, but with hellish powers that will allow him to take on heavier hitters than Frank Castle is equipped for. His sister Ana will be joining him, so it seems fair to state that we’re going to see some truly amazing effects and battles that will be on par with anything else that’s been seen on the CW, a channel that’s catered to DC and has, admittedly, been quite impressive throughout the years. At this point if the Marvel shows coming out start to gain a foothold when it comes to the fans you could possibly make the argument that the CW might need to step things up. The effort to even try and compete with the DC shows that have been around for a while will need to be monumental, and the only failing seems to be that not enough people know who Helstrom is, nor do they have any emotional investment in him. That could change quickly to be honest but we’ll need to wait until 2020 to see just how the audience will respond.

Given that he has infernal blood running through his veins, meaning that he is literally a son of a demon, it’ll be interesting to see if anyone has an issue with this and whether or not they’ll deny the show has any merit. Believe it or not there are still many people out there that would gladly raise a stink when it comes to the content that’s being revealed, though whether or not their voices will be heard or even factor into the popularity of the show is hard to say. The overall truth is that people are going to love something new, they’re going to want to see something they haven’t seen. Honestly if it gets controversial it might be even more popular.

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