What We Know about Michael Bay’s Black 5 So Far

One of the several things that Samantha Clair from MovieWeb is spot on about is that if Michael Bay is involved in a movie there are going to be explosions and a lot of big action sequences. Apart from the fact that his next movie, Black 5, is going to be made into a video game as well as a movie there aren’t a whole lot of details to give out just yet. Telling people that Michael Bay is going to be creating a movie is usually enough to make some folks roll their eyes and others get excited for the intensity that’s about to come. His style has already been firmly established with the Transformer movies that have come within the last decade and his legacy is no doubt going to be written in one massive cinematic explosion after another. In fact it seems fitting that when the day does finally come that he either retires or passes on that someone would make a video featuring his biggest and most impressive explosions on screen. It would be a great sendoff, don’t you think?

Just in case you didn’t recall, Vinnie Mancuso from Collider offers a helpful reminder that Bay has been killing it onscreen with his insane stunts and over the top action sequences since Bad Boys, the movie that finally put him on the radar of many an audience member and established him as a truly gifted director. While Bad Boys 2 wasn’t considered to be quite as groundbreaking it was still a nice attempt at continuing the story and, as you might recall, Bay got to blow more stuff up, this time an entire mansion it would seem since the guys had to travel to another country with an elite team to rescue Marcus’s sister. The rampant destruction that was allowed as Mike ran a Humvee through the mansion was absolutely nuts but it was great enough that people simply ate it up and wanted a little more. Bay won’t be directing the third installment that’s due in theaters this coming January, but he’ll still get a lot of credit for having started the whole thing down its current course.

It’s kind of curious that Bay is directing a movie titled Black 5 when he’s just finished up on a movie titled 6 Underground, as it might seem to those that are paying attention that he could be counting down to something, perhaps his last movie or something similar. After all he wouldn’t be the only director that’s talked about retirement in the last several years considering that Quentin Tarantino thinks he’s going to step away from the movie scene after completing his next project. It could just be mere coincidence, but then again anything that gets people talking is going to be commented on more often than not. Bay could be around for the long haul and we wouldn’t know it until he says so aloud. Right now it would seem that he’s having too good a time doing what he’s doing and is willing to stick around for a while to come.

As Sandy Schaefer from ScreenRant states this movie will mark a reunion between Bay and Sony, and it could be that if the movie does well enough that it will be just the first of another several movies that will have Bay’s influence all over them. After all despite a few flops here and there that really from a monetary standpoint could still be called successes, Bay has been one of the most prominent directors in the business for quite a while. He’s taken a lot of flak for a few of his Transformers movies since quite honestly it almost felt as though he was trying to cram every last character he could get into the franchise without overloading it. The problem was that if one is to be honest the Transformers have about as many different characters from the comics and cartoons as any other animated show, and getting them all in was bound to be confusing and a little bit rough since people became so emotionally invested in some of the characters that losing them became a kind of betrayal that they couldn’t really forgive. From Jazz to Ironhide to Ratchet the losses of those that we came to care about in the first movie were kind of hard despite the fact that their deaths were pretty easy to foresee. In a way it seems like Bay was trying to even this out by giving the Decepticons, who most people didn’t identify with, the same kind of deaths that the Autobots suffered. It didn’t work obviously since no one cared enough about the Decepticons, but it was a good attempt.

Hopefully in this coming action flick we’ll see plenty of explosions, a good story line, and a well-rounded cast.

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