What We Know about Spongebob Spinoff Kamp Koral So Far

So we get to see Spongebob as a kid now? A lot of people will no doubt be kind of excited about that if only because it’s bound to make the show slightly different since this will be a prequel series, but Kamp Koral already sounds like it might be something that people are anticipating and it could be another bright chapter in the history of Spongebob. One thing that’s already expected since it’s been announced is that the prequel series won’t be coming until 2021. That might put a slight damper on the mood of the fans, but not much since to be fair, a lot of people are already looking forward to the end of this year and the hope that 2021 might be a return to the entertainment industry as we remember it. Whether that happens or not though it does sound as though those that interested in watching Spongebob will gladly wait since they’ve been invested this long and there’s plenty of hope that the talking sponge will be able to come back when those in charge are predicting. Seeing Spongebob as a kid is going to be a little different, but given all that’s come from the tale of Spongebob Squarepants at this point, it’s hard to say that it will be any stranger or any more revealing when it comes to his character.

Spongebob is definitely one of the few characters that people either like or they don’t since there are many upon many people that absolutely love the character while there are those that would gladly turn the show off when they see it. That’s a matter of personal preference of course, but the truth is that Spongebob has for one reason or another managed to find his way into the history of pop culture and he’s likely there to stay for quite a while since people are bound to watch him whenever he’s around. That’s why it makes sense to explore new venues since instead of allowing the idea to grow stale it’s a lot more sensible to run each direction with the show with as much new material as can be devised in order to really show who the character is and what he has to offer the fans. A show about Spongebob and Patrick going to camp though is bound to be something that people will be waiting to see in order to realize just how the talking sponge got his start. This new set of adventures in Kamp Koral will give people another reason to love Spongebob no doubt, so long as it’s conducted in a manner that people can get behind and are willing to pay attention to. But the odds of fans not liking a new Spongebob show feel pretty low since the idea of enjoying this show for a prolonged period of time is enough to make some of us wonder why. Hey, personal preference, right? Some folks can’t stand the cartoon, while others love it.

When it comes to what to expect it feels fair to say that the characters that are going to be present will be much the same as we see them in the current cartoon, though it’s always possible that a few of them might be a bit different, to begin with. This will apparently be where Spongebob meets Sandy for the first time, and it also sounds as though her backstory is going to be redone for one reason or another. It’s also safe to say that the adventures that Spongebob and his friends will experience will help to shape his life as it came to be in the regular series, though it’s just as likely that some of those adventures will take on new idea and lives of their own that will shed a little more light onto Spongebob’s background and how he came to be the character he is. Some might want to say that it’s going to be a lot of the same that we’ve already seen and it does feel that there is a basis for this to be said, but it also feels as though those in charge won’t be quite that foolish since the idea that this show has to move forward somehow if it wants to stay competitive is bound to be enough to keep it dynamic enough that what we’ll see is a young Spongebob that’s still a happy and jovial individual, but perhaps with even more naivete to his character considering his age.

However it plays out, the knowledge that the prequel is going to be something that people will be waiting impatiently for is kind of obvious. Anything that has to do with Spongebob is something that fans are going to want to see and will happily wait for if they have to.

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