What We Know about Studio Gokumi’s Laidbackers So Far

Laidbackers is a new anime movie that is expected to come out on April 5 of 2019 for the Japanese market. It remains to be seen whether it will manage to make its way to English-speaking markets or not, but considering how popular anime has managed to become over the last two decades, it seems reasonable to say that there is a decent chance of it doing so. Here are some of the things that we know about Laidbackers at this point in time:

Reverse Isekai

Laidbackers can be classified as a reverse isekai. In short, isekai refers to a genre of anime, manga, and related forms of entertainment focused on the concept of a normal person being transported to a fantasy setting. The most cliched setup would see the normal person being summoned to the fantasy setting by either royalty or someone working for royalty for the purpose of becoming the hero needed to fight either a demon king or some other kind of existential threat to the standing order. However, there are plenty of other methods by which the normal person can be transported into the fantasy setting, with examples ranging from reincarnation to having a simulated setting becoming real.

Isekai has been in existence for long enough that there have been numerous works that play with its core concepts to various extents. In the case of Laidbackers, it is a reverse isekai, meaning that it sees people from the fantasy setting being brought over to the normal world. This isn’t a new concept, but it is nonetheless rare enough to enable Laidbackers to stand out to some extent.

The Protagonists Are Pretty Happy

Naturally, the protagonists of isekai works can react in a wide range of manners to their new circumstances. For example, some might become upset by the fact that they have been torn away from their friends and family members before being thrust into dangerous circumstances, particularly in darker isekai settings that see them mistreated by various parties. In contrast, other protagonists might be enthused by the prospect of adventuring in a new world, particularly if they have the odds stacked for them within the setting itself. In the case of Laidbackers, the protagonists are a collection of heroes who were entrusted with the task of fighting the demon king but show no concern over their task whatsoever, which should make it pretty clear where they fall in this matter. In fact, if the trailer for the movie is any indication, they have been doing quite well at making the most of their new lives.

The Demon King Has Been Isekai-ed As Well

Speaking of which, it is amusing to note that the demon king has been isekai-ed to the normal world as well. This isn’t a new concept. For instance, The Devil Is a Part-Timer! saw its demon king fleeing to the normal world after being defeated by the hero, with the result that he proceeded to become a part-time worker at a fast food restaurant chain in preparation for making a triumphant return to his old world. In Laidbackers, it seems that the demon king has become an elementary school girl who seeks out the former heroes to ask them if they will help her collect the fragments of her previous self. Judging by the trailer, while the heroes have understandable reservations, it isn’t too long before the demon king manages to get them on board by being, well, an elementary school girl who seems to feel bad about the actions of her previous self.

Expect Action

Given the name of the movie, one would expect Laidbackers to be a slice of life movie that is focused on the protagonists’ lives in their new circumstances. However, the trailer suggests that the protagonists will be putting the skills of their former selves to use, seeing as how it showcases what look like more than one monster that will have to be fought. Curiously, the marketing for the movie suggests that the protagonists have been reincarnated without their previous powers, but this is contradicted by the poster as well as the trailer, which suggest that they will get those powers back at some point in the story. As for what those powers might be, it seems that the trio were once a sword user, a magic user, and a bare-handed combatant of some kind.

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