What We Know about The Newly Announced Transformers Movie

There’s only one way that things will ever be ‘let go’ when it comes to Hollywood, and that’s if they don’t make money. Even then a slow shift into obscurity isn’t entirely assured since fans tend to cling to various ideas that were great when they were younger and are still believed to be just as great. That’s probably why another Transformers movie is in the making since the franchise has made a lot of money and despite the explosion-happy efforts of Michael Bay, it hasn’t ended blowing itself to pieces just yet. The clinger was the Bumblebee movie of course since it became obvious that people weren’t quite ready to just up and let go of the Transformers idea since folks were still ready to believe that there was a chance that things could turn around. But even spinning around like Lynda Carter turning into Wonder Woman doesn’t feel as though it’s going to erase the past memories of what the Transformers eventually became, a running joke without a convincing punch line. If there was one thing that has been proven when it comes to those that continue to write the Transformers movies it’s that the attempt to keep the story interesting has all but worn itself out. There’s so much material that the Transformers possessed from the past, between the comics and the animated series, that it should have been a slam-dunk to turn the beloved robots in disguise into a brand that people would love just the same as we did back in the 80s and 90s.

The sad part is that this is what we have now, and while there’s still some greatness to be had in the franchise, the director of Creed 2, Steven Caple Jr., has a monumental task to complete in bringing back the kind of anticipation that was present when the first movie came out since every move after that point has been going downhill in a big way despite what the box office says. The problem isn’t the fact that Transformers has been made into a movie, since that part is actually pretty nice. It’s even been cool to see different Transformers showing up throughout the movies. But there are a few that just haven’t been as effective, likely because there’s no emotional tie to them that people can recall. Transformers such as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironside, and several others are vital since they were a part of our childhood, at least some of us, just as much as Decepticons such as Megatron, Starscream, Shockwave, Soundwave, and others. The characters that people identify with are those that they happen to like the most since the others definitely give a deeper look into the diversity of the Transformers, but they still don’t resonate as much. If anyone can remember back to the animated Transformers movie they might see that Cybertron was still its own place and hadn’t been transported within earth’s vicinity, which feels as though it would cause a huge number of problems that were barely addressed.

Also, it’s almost as though Hot Rod was thrown in as a joke in the last movie since he was kind of a goofball character that had one interesting weapon and was otherwise kind of an irritating character to the rest of the Autobots. In the animated movie, he was a bit of an arrogant young Autobot but he was still important since he became the leader after a while and after defeating Galvatron. The downside of the Transformers is that their story has been redone a few different times, but the upside is that people still enjoy them, and as anyone can guess, Caple Jr. has a lot of work ahead of him since there’s plenty of material there and a lot of people would still love to see some development with Unicron and perhaps the return of Galvatron, but it’s going to be a tough sell since pairing the Transformers with Arthurian legend kind of took a huge swing at something that might have worked only to whiff in a big way since it came off as well as a peanut butter and mayo sandwich. That is to say, a lot of people liked it, but a lot of people were left wondering just what in the heck they’d just watched and why it was ever conceived.

It’s still possible to save Transformers and make it into something that will be just as good if not better than the first one, but again, the chosen director has a huge job ahead of them and will no doubt have to go back and possibly make sense of a lot of stuff unless the movie is going to be planned as a reboot. As time goes on we’ll hopefully be able to tell a little more about what’s happening, but it’s a big hope that this next Transformers movie will be worth waiting for.

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