What We Learned from The 13 Reasons Why Season 4 Teaser Trailer

Things are about to get super emotional as the final season of 13 Reasons Why approaches, and it’s easy to think that a lot of people are going to figure that out once the show returns and finally has to say goodbye for the final time. Glenn Rowley of Billboard has more to say on the subject. The show has created a great deal of controversy throughout its run thus far and to be fair it’s earned the differing viewpoints that have attempted to analyze it from so many different angles, but not necessarily in a negative light. The fact of teen suicide is something that many upon many people have had to deal with and still deal with to this day, but the idea of putting it into a series and making it the integral part of that series managed to rub a lot of people the wrong way when the show first premiered. If anyone remembers, and it’s certain that a lot of people do, there was a disclaimer made about the show that made it clear that it wasn’t promoting teen suicide in any way and was doing its best to help people understand and cope with the issue, but while this mollified a few people it still didn’t go all the way towards negating the ill feelings that had been created as a result of the content. In this current social climate, talking about suicide isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but using it for a form of entertainment was seen in a big way as a problem that could have been avoided. Fans persisted however and as of now 13 Reasons Why has been a popular show since it first kicked off, though why it lasted so long is something that a number of people are wondering.

It does feel a little macabre to stretch out a story for multiple seasons that might have been explained in one season, but there was obviously more to tell since just dealing with the issue in one season might have left a lot of people unsatisfied. As it stands now, just looking at the teaser and the behind the scenes footage indicates that people were intensely emotional as the reading came to a close and the series was finally ended in time to bring it to the fans. One thing about any series that people tend to love is that it’s bound to be tough to come to the end once it’s all said and done since so many people tend to rely on one another to be there for a while and will feel a true sense of loss after what they’ve shared for so long is finally gone. There are those cases in which some actors are relieved since they didn’t care working with one another that much, but in this case it does appear that the cast and crew shared a very heartfelt and long process that was glad in a way but also somewhat sad since it meant the ending of something great that they’d been a part of together and had seen go from a single and fairly uncertain season to phenomenon that many people changed their minds about at some point. Bethonie Butler of The Washington Post had more to say about the show.

This would appear how it’s going to happen in the show as well, as the long journey that’s finally culminated at this point into a final look at the journey this tale has taken from the moment that Clay found the box of cassettes to this coming season. Hannah’s suicide sparked a firestorm that shook the foundations of her school and its unknown hierarchy that was seen to be entirely unfair to all those but the most privileged, while shaking up everything along the way no matter who or what it touched upon. This final season will answer a few more questions and hopefully set to rest the story in a manner that will leave people satisfied if not entirely happy, as tends to happen with saddening stories such as this. What it will do for the fans is likely to vary from person to person since the tears will be flowing, which is expected. The love that people had for this show and the popularity it garnered throughout the years hasn’t been without a healthy dose of skepticism, but obviously this hasn’t been enough to halt the progress of the series in any way.

With the final episodes set to reach Netflix not too long from now it’s fair to say that 13 Reasons Why will be a show that people will remember, even if they don’t talk about it nearly as much a few other that have come and gone throughout the past few years. It will no doubt go down as one of the more popular shows, but also as one that shook quite a few people on its way in and on the way out.

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