What We Learned from the BoJack Horseman Season 6 Trailer

Bojack Horseman

If you watch Bojack Horseman then you likely have a good idea of what’s coming. If not then you might want to take a look and see just what’s been going on and why this coming season appears to be kind a walk down a very introspective journey. The first part of the season was already released back in October, while the second part is coming up by the end of January as it’s set to be released as of the 31st. Since the end of season 5 saw Bojack getting dropped off at rehab the idea as Ellie Harrison of Radio Times puts it is that this season is going to be more about redemption and the eventual return of a Bojack that can look back at his mistakes and realize what he did and who he was really hurting at the time. It’s kind of deep for an animated series but then a lot of this show has been that way since it started up and people have still flocked to it. There’s been something about animated series that are for adults that have been increasingly popular throughout the years and shows like Bojack Horseman have really keyed up on it, utilizing that desire to see more adult content and situations to fuel the public’s need for something that’s not always cute and cuddly but is far more realistic than some live action shows, at least in terms of feelings and emotion.

On top of all that however is the idea that this is the final season, the last time we’ll be seeing Bojack in his own show. It’s possible that the idea of finishing up is premature, that there might be another season to the show despite what we’ve heard, but for all intents and purposes it would appear that this is going to be the last season, no questions about it. Those fans that have followed Bojack from the first season on might understand a little better why this is the case and why it would feel that the main character has run his course and finally deserves a rest, but those that haven’t yet watched every season might need to brush up in order to really understand why the show is coming to a close. As comedies go a lot of people vouch for this show and have decided that it’s one of the more credible out there, while others might feel the same way about it as they would about any other animated series that’s a little kooky and unbalanced at times. But all in all Bojack Horseman has been seen as a very interesting and engaging program by many. Connie Liou of the CheatSheet has more to add to this subject.

From the trailer it’s pretty evident that things are winding down in a way that might not be as satisfying but is still bound to be played off as Bojack coming to grips with who he is, what he’s done, and what the future might hold for him now that he appears to be trying to walk the straight and narrow path. It doesn’t feel likely that he’d stay on it for the rest of his life but it’s also up to the writers who tend to throw a bit of whimsy into the show now and again just to keep people interested, so saying one way or another that the show is bound to resolve every possible issue might feel a little premature at this point. Those that have been around Bojack long enough know very well that he’s kind of an odd character based on his design and on the world into which he’s been placed, but that’s worked for a lot of people since it tends to introduce something new and possibly exciting that people were either forced to get used to or ignore. Obviously a lot of people chose the former since it’s sometimes easier to go with the flow than having to pore through the many offerings that are given by the various studios until a favorite is found. Some folks still don’t fully understand Bojack Horseman but others have grown so used to him and his antics that he’s been accepted as yet another animated icon that’s helped to shape pop culture in America.

He’s definitely not the type that one would think of showing to their kids unless a person thought that younger kids could handle it, but for adolescents and adults he’s definitely a good watch and has been throughout his past five and a half seasons now. It feels pretty safe to say that when Bojack does go off the air a lot of people are simply going to move on and find another show to watch, since despite his important to pop culture he’s still not one of the greatest shows ever made. The show is definitely interesting, but once it’s gone it feels very likely that people will start to forget about it rather quickly.

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